We sorted out the BBC now sort out the police!

  Cymro. 13:03 20 Jul 10

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So we have talked about possible financial savings to be made in the BBC now what about how to make savings in the police force.

Personally I think it much more difficult to think of sensible suggestions for making savings in the costs of running our police forces. The BBC is an easy target but as we are forever complaining about the shortage of policemen on the beat it is somewhat more of a problem to think of savings.

I suppose there is always the the "evergreen" bureaucracy and administration thing but even that never produces the savings it promises to deliver. As for top end staff, well it is important to attract the best people to such jobs I doubt if there is much that can be saved there.

My past history on this Forum will suggest that I am not the biggest fan of the British police service but I still don`t want them to end up even more under funded than I suspect they already are.

  Clapton is God 13:53 20 Jul 10

Take them out of their patrol cars and put them back on the 'beat'. Damn sight cheaper to spend money on shoe leather than on vehicles and petrol.

  Cymro. 13:59 20 Jul 10

Yes possibly a good point but I think they are looking at making bigger saving than just that. As I live in a rural area I think we depend even more on being looked after by policemen in cars. Still you are right there are saving to by made there.

  johndrew 14:11 20 Jul 10

It is more likely that taking away the bureaucracy/paperwork, or at least simplifying it, will release Officers to patrol more frequently. It is also possible that taking the local databases and centralising them will reduce costs; this may also be true of overall equipment supply.

It is also likely that using civilian staff at a lower cost in areas such as recruitment, personnel and similar would make savings.

  Cymro. 14:15 20 Jul 10

not one that fixes the problem in a stroke anyway. Shave a bit off here and shave a bit off there I suppose.

  ronalddonald 15:13 20 Jul 10

i heard a rumour that to training fr#or the Police you would have to volunteer without pay but have your expenses paid, would that itself lead to recipe of far greater corruption in the police as they would take back handers

  ronalddonald 15:14 20 Jul 10

they may be cameras but cameras cant go every where all the time

  Marko797 15:15 20 Jul 10

as ever: bizarre.

  JYPX 16:33 20 Jul 10

Tell Premiership football clubs that from now on, there will be no guarantee that Police will be available on match days (so some games will be cancelled).
If the clubs object, recruit more officers in that area, but pass the full cost on to the Premiership club, ie the charges for policing these matches will quadruple overnight.

  Woolwell 16:49 20 Jul 10

Also heard about the 43 HR departments - there must be savings there and in procurement for so many forces. Do we need so many forces? Can there be cost-effective mergers?

As for costs of football - interesting report in 2008/2009 click here. It would seem that football clubs paid for police within their footprint but not for consequential police involvement which could cost taxpayers a fair sum. I'm not sure if this was resolved but it ought to be and same principle applied to race courses, Glastonbury festival, etc in that the entire cost should be met by the promoter.

Night clubs and long drinking hours cause the police to be heavily involved on night duty dealing with drunks and disturbances. Stopping 24 hr drinking may help.

  Cymro. 16:51 20 Jul 10

Sort of "let the polluter pay" kind of thing.

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