"We are all in this together"

  Dragon_Heart 23:35 16 Dec 10

I keep hearing this from the PM and other MP's, what are they going to go without ?

I think Lilian Greenwood MP Nottingham South them has the right idea about !

  Devil Fish 00:59 17 Dec 10

Lilian Greenwood MP Nottingham South is right about what a link would be usefull

  ashdav 01:23 17 Dec 10

Some punctuation would be useful.

  ronalddonald 01:59 17 Dec 10

your on your own

  n47. 07:31 17 Dec 10

gets off her backside and tries to make a difference ( even though she supports labour) :-)

Anyone who has wallace and gromit as supporting her can't be to bad.

click here

I wish our MP had as much getup and go. :-(

  morddwyd 07:34 17 Dec 10

If an MP's blog is not partisan politics then I don't know what is!

  karmgord 18:20 17 Dec 10

The Irish government put pressure on the Banks which they have large stakes in NOT to pay large bonuses in the current climate.
What is stopping our government proposing something similar with our "state owned" banks?

  Legolas 19:12 17 Dec 10

"We are all in this together" except some of us are "more in it" than others

  Dragon_Heart 00:17 18 Dec 10

EG In one speech she suggested, after the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government cut spending on a local housing revamp project, that Mrs Cameron nor Mrs Clegg would ever be seen draging a pushchair up three flights of stairs because the lift if out of order AGAIN.

  jakimo 01:34 18 Dec 10

When "it" hits the fan,we'll all be covered in it

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