we are all in it together............are n't we?

  karmgord 18:57 29 Oct 10

we are all in it together............are n't we?

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  egapup 19:15 29 Oct 10

Sad aint it.

  karmgord 19:36 29 Oct 10

It's sad that social mobility is in decline & the gap between rich and poor grows bigger

  anniesboy 20:33 29 Oct 10

How many of these signed the letter ?,extolling the virtues of the cuts.

  mr simon 22:10 29 Oct 10

With paying the bosses of these firms a ridiculously high salary - it is the companies decision how to distribute its earnings, the only exception to this being if they have cut back on pay at lower levels/made redundancies etc, or are owned, even in part, by the taxpayer.

Anything else is fair game.

  carver 22:19 29 Oct 10

We are in this together, apart from the people with money who can pay accountants to move their money abroad to avoid paying tax. More than half the cabinet are millionaires struggling to get by.

George Osborne, the Transport Secretary, is alleged to be the prospective ­beneficiary to the tune of £4million of a trust fund which will save him and other ­beneficiaries £1.6million in ­inheritance tax.

Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell is said to have invested more than £130,000 in a Caribbean tax haven.

Mr Hammond another cabinet member is supposed to have limited his exposure to the new 50p top tax rate by moving shares in his family property business into the name of his wife, who pays tax at a lower rate.

These are the same people who are saying WE have to pull together because we are all in it together.

Nothing illegal in any of it, just a way of avoiding tax while your average PAYE person will get hit with every thing.

  carver 14:12 30 Oct 10

Makes me feel so much better knowing that only 50% of bosses are giving them selfs pay rises.

Or they will all just give them selfs a pay rise and feel guilty about it.

  karmgord 16:41 30 Oct 10

"Let them eat cake "
springs to mind where pay rises are concerned
"Greed is good".

  natdoor 20:17 30 Oct 10

"George Osborne, the Transport Secretary,..." If only!

  rdave13 20:35 30 Oct 10

Don't forget that the 'never workers' also get the cream. Many a post here that people live a better life than myself when they stay at home.
Start at the top if you must then follow up from the bottom.
Meet at the middle and both humanoid are greedy, lazy, good for nothing leeches on the community.
There I've said it.
Now we know the problem it will need 'brains' to sort it out.
Now who's so brave that can actually get rid of both 'parasites' from our society?

  karmgord 21:00 30 Oct 10

Forum member
You stated "'Any pay increases this year were likely to be about 3%'"
3% of a ceo salary is a lot bigger than3% of the average wage!

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