Wayne Rooney

  ulrich 18:30 31 Mar 10

According to the BBC News Mr Rooney needed a Police Escort to the Hospital. There didn't appear to be any crowds. So why?

  jakimo 18:57 31 Mar 10

`So why the post

  onthelimit 20:24 31 Mar 10


  Clapton is God 20:48 31 Mar 10


Next ...............

  MAJ 23:06 31 Mar 10

... that some people are interested in soccer, so Wayne Rooney's injuries, drinking likes, eating habits, wife, his wife's injuries, his wife's drinking likes, his wifes eating habits, his wife's shopping habits, his wife's dress sense....... ad nauseum...... are of interest.

  bremner 23:43 31 Mar 10

Whether you like or not football is the popular game in the UK and the World.

It is of great importance, whether you like it or not, to many England fans whether our best player is fit for the up coming World Cup, the most watched single sporting event in the world.

That England will not win the World Cup, with or without Rooney is irrelevant.

  Forum Editor 01:51 01 Apr 10

to some people, and to some people some sport is important, other sport is not.

I like football, but I find F1 racing as boring as watching concrete set. I understand that others are extremely interested in it however, and I respect the fact.

Let's try to avoid these endless 'Who is Wayne Rooney?' type comments every time the subject crops up. Asking 'Who?' in this context gives the game away - you know perfectly well who Wayne Rooney is. if you don't you must have been living in a hole in the ground for the last ten years.

  Robert Zimmerman 04:47 01 Apr 10

Concrete does not set it cures.

  morddwyd 06:37 01 Apr 10

Despite the title, ulrich was not posting about Wayne Rooney or his popularity, but why he merited a police escort to hospital.

I agree with ulrich - why?

Despite the popularity of football I suspect that many soap "stars" are far more well known, or even more popular, than Rooney.

Do they merit a police escort?

  ulrich 08:45 01 Apr 10

Morddwyd. I am glad someone read what I wrote.
I was quoting what the BBC said, I heard it twice I didn't read it. It was probably a wrong report, but wouldn't have surprised me. So FE I find your comments rather rude, if I or someone else said you had been living in a hole in the ground you would not be pleased.

  Quickbeam 08:59 01 Apr 10

They just rush a bit more with celebrity news...

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