DrScott 18:18 07 Jul 07

Absolute genius:

click here

  crosstrainer 18:33 07 Jul 07

Of them....only problem that comes to mind is the fan in the psu will burn out very quickly, with all that oil, you shouldn't need it anyway. The pump for the bubbles is a brilliant touch too!

  postie24 19:02 07 Jul 07

I have never thought of replacing my neons with a hard drive :))

  picklsey 19:29 07 Jul 07


  rdave13 19:49 07 Jul 07

May be a "don't try this at home folks" warning is appropriate..:)

  Totally-braindead 20:09 07 Jul 07

Seen something similar to this before using vegetable oil. Only thing I can say about it is, it probably invalidates your warranty.

  rdave13 20:21 07 Jul 07


  Chegs ®™ 00:28 08 Jul 07

I wouldnt have thought immersing the PSU in oil will do much hard to the fan as the oil will lubricate the bearings...there's also the advantage that drowning the lot in oil will also stop the components from choking up with dust. :)

Which reminds me,I must take my tower apart and give its internals a dam good cleanout as its been over 9mths since it was last done & the various grilles are festooned with large furry worms. :)

  DrScott 10:05 08 Jul 07

what would happen once the water was hot? Surely that would limit the cooling capacity of the system unless there was a way of cycling the water?

  Totally-braindead 10:51 08 Jul 07

There was a guy on the Forum who was rather excited about his invention and mentioned about it on the Forum, he was not wanting to go into too many details as he was concerned that someone might steal his design.
Anyway I'm afraid he didn't get much support and I include myself in this. He had designed a setup that cooled everything dramatically using ice, now regardless of you having to drain off the water as the ice melts and the replaceing the ice with fresh ice, whats the point?
You can overclock things without resorting to using ice or oil or whatever to cool it so whats the point of something that drops the temperature to the freezing point of water, especially when it dramatically increases the costs and the maintenance.
Its a nice idea in theory, as an experiment perhaps but its pretty dangerous to do things like this and I only hope if anyone on the Forum is doing something like this they are taking all precautions. At the least they could electricute themselves at worst it might catch fire and burn the house down with everyone in it.

  crosstrainer 11:14 08 Jul 07

Water would be deadly...it's oil they are using which acts as a coolant, the same way it is used in a car.

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