Water Shortage

  Terry Brown 14 Mar 12

On the BBC news channel at 1830 hours (13 March 2012), it said that Cheltenham Race course has poured 4 Million yes- 4,000,000 gallons on the course because it was too hard for the poor horses.

So I think It about time I watered my garden- or that wrong?


  wiz-king 14 Mar 12

Sorry but £ 4 £ Cheltenham wins.

  buteman 14 Mar 12

Looks like they have already used 4 million gallons so far.


I must admit it does not seem reasonable that everyone else has to cut back on the water they use while they squander it.

Maybe the have not heard that some horses prefer fast ground and the ones that don't should be withdrawn.

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 12

I bet you the horses are not complaining...and anyway it's only on once a year...4 days, I think.

Oh, I forgot...horses are dumb creatures!

  Quickbeam 14 Mar 12

Not always HB. Smart horse

  badgery 14 Mar 12

"Oh, I forgot...horses are dumb creatures!"

Yes they are, and yet they are exploited just to provide gaming opportunities for us 'higher species' people? They are still allowed to be whipped to make them go faster!! Ban the whole pursuit.

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 12

...that was funny...I had a good laugh, QB.

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 12

badgery...Her Majesty The Queen would not be amused if racing was banned...neither would hundreds of thousands of people in 'the racing fraternity',whose livliehoods depend on it, including, dare I say it, the Bookies.

  badgery 14 Mar 12

"The Queen would not be amused if racing was banned"

I'm afraid that would hardly register on my own 'concern' meter!

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 12

...my 'drivel' posts do, it would seem!

  badgery 14 Mar 12


At precisely what point did I ever call your posts 'drivel'?

They may well be - but I have never said such a thing ( although your incessant references to song lyrics might eventually lead me to such a conclusion)- but if you really think your posts cause me any real concern then I can only say there must be copious amounts of delusion in your mind.


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