Water saving tips

  ams4127 10 Mar 12

Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) are coming tomorrow to fit a water meter.

I have already filled two water butts and put a brick in the toilet cistern. I know about not running the tap when washing teeth. But what I need are some of your own expert water saving tips.

Any advice will be most gratefully received.

  rdave13 11 Mar 12

Algerian peter

Yes, and that is bad for us all.

  morddwyd 11 Mar 12

"preferably one of the opposite sex"

That's not very PC!

  Quickbeam 11 Mar 12

I've had a water meter for over 25 years now with no problems. They're no different to the gas or electric one, you pay for what you use.

Would you be happy to not have the gas and electric ones and pay a much higher average bill to allow for the waste that we'd immediately adopt?

No, that's why you're having the water put on a meter. The water company isn't in league with Beelzebub with a deep rooted ploy to steal your soul as some of the above are suggesting...

  Quickbeam 11 Mar 12

You want a tip?

Just carry on as normal, you'll save quite a lot just by having the meter in.

  badgery 11 Mar 12

Quickbeam "The water company isn't in league with Beelzebub...."

Strange, I know many people who would say EXACTLY that about the Gas & Electric companies and their pricing! Good to hear the Water companies are so different!!

  Aitchbee 11 Mar 12

Is Beelzebub the Cockney rhyming slang for bathtub ?

A good water-saving tip is, don't plan on growing lots of tomato plants, as they require a lot of water. Quite simple, really!

  Quickbeam 11 Mar 12

Tip HB:

Buy your tomatoes in tins, better the Beelzebub you know, simples...

  Forum Editor 11 Mar 12

I can't understand why anyone would advise you to refuse to have a water meter installed. You'll almost certainly save money, which is good for you, and you' ll use less water, which is good for everyone.

  Aitchbee 11 Mar 12

QB - wildo

  Bingalau 11 Mar 12

Quickbeam. Some tinned tomato's have a higher water content than others! I also think the showering idea is one of the best, providing it is short. Even better if you turn off the water whilst soaping up and lathering all over then turn the water back on rinse off and you will probably have used less than a couple of sinkfulls.


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