Warning over cough medicines for children.!

  last starfighter 13:31 01 Mar 09

VERY worrying i'l say, so all the research that has gone into this was for nothing.?

My advice is forwards this on to anyone that you know has children!

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  canarieslover 13:43 01 Mar 09

It can't be that serious or they would ban the sales and empty shelves of current stock.

  Forum Editor 14:33 01 Mar 09

and please don't advise people to forward stuff to "anyone that you know has children!"

The side effects that these medicines might (might) cause are not in any way dangerous, and shops are not being asked to clear shelves of stock.

It's interesting, but not worthy of even the slightest degree of worry.

  last starfighter 15:31 01 Mar 09

Ok i think if my child is sick & giving her a medicines that could potentialy harm her would no doubt stop me, the forum editor stated It's not very worrying.?

my neigbour gave his son of 5 years some cough medicine & some time later his son was crying & overheating, his poor little heart was beating like mad & when he read on the instructions it did state can cause side affects like "May cause heart palpatations, panic attacks, shortness of breath" so i do think there is something to worry about with this.

  carver 15:47 01 Mar 09

If you took every warning seriously you wouldn't give your child any thing but plain water.

And that would have to be after consulting your doctor.

  AL47 15:52 01 Mar 09

i loved calpol, soo tasty

  anchor 16:20 01 Mar 09

Many of the ingredients included in these preparations have been around for decades. The potential risks therefore are well known.

There is not one drug in the world that could be regarded a 100% free of possible side effects in all patients. Having worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for most of my working life, I know that few would take any medicine if they read the full list of possible side effects.

Obviously care, and adhering to dosage guidelines, should be used when administering any medicine to small children.

  laurie53 20:06 01 Mar 09

You honestly believe the drug companies will not produce some very convincing counter arguments?

  Forum Editor 23:13 01 Mar 09

I see there's the usual wild overreaction on the part of some people to this announcement, mainly because they haven't properly read what has been reported. Try to get the facts right.

Nobody has suggested that these medicines can harm a child. Almost all medicine can have side effects, but in this case it has been clearly stated that the side effects are not dangerous to children.

It's pretty simple really, but if you're still worried then don't give your child the medicine.

  rdave13 23:37 01 Mar 09

On my second 'troop' of toddlers.

When you give any medicine to your youngsters you always, always read the instructions.
Twenty-nine years ago I gave calpol to my first born only after I read the instructions and understood them.
Going on six years ago I gave calpol to my last male offspring for the first time and I read the instructions thoroughly again without thinking about it.
I then made a decision whether to give the medicine or not.
MMR was not given to my first brood but given to all of the second brood. You must read up and decide for yourself. It's your responsibility and no-one else's.
Tough being a parent sometimes.

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