Want to know how much your MP claimed?

  Sapins 09:36 18 Jun 09
  Quickbeam 10:42 18 Jun 09

Bored with it or not, this will run and run for months yet.

Brick by brick as Frazer would put it...

  jakimo 10:48 18 Jun 09

I prefer the breakdown version in the Telegraph,the calculation of allowances are already done for you,and if there was a mortgage on a property or not,the government version don't include that and other information

  babybell 11:10 18 Jun 09

I just had a look at my local MP's expenses.

TV License, Knives & Forks, Bed Linen! Do they pay for anything out of their own pockets!

  Kevscar1 11:34 18 Jun 09

I want to see there mortgage claims for the last 6 months.
My payments have gone down by over £500 a month.
If they are on trackers but still claiming the same amount then a Criminal Offence has occured

  interzone55 11:55 18 Jun 09

To be honest (and I know many have not been) if you have to have a second home because your job requires you to work from 2 locations (constituency and Westminster) then you should be entitled to claim for any expenses related to the nominated second residence, and that would include bed linen, cutlery etc.

I think the problem lies with defining the second home, and this stems from the fact that many politicians don't hail from their constituencies, so flexibility is required, some second homes would be in the constituency and some in the Smoke.

If we had a parliament like the old Yorkshire cricket team we could quickly solve that problem by ensuring that the second home is merely a bedsit in London, because really that's all they need.

Maybe the Parliament hotel idea could be used, where each MP has a dormitory room for use when attending Parliament...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:49 18 Jun 09

This version is a sorry bastardised version that the jackasses in Government thought would mollify the general public. If it had not been for the Telegraph, the vast majority of their expenses would have been hidden from public scrutiny. I prefer the Telegraph version rather than the idiot's version released for the Government fanboys.


  jakimo 14:46 18 Jun 09

Theres less to be learnt in this version than we new weeks ago, "No flipping,No moats,No Duck islands,No Phantom Mortgages,No rejected claims,plenty blanked out claims" just another waste of taxes payers money,which they love spending like theres no tomorrow,although there isn't many tomorrows left for some of them

  egapup 19:19 18 Jun 09

"although there isn't many tomorrows left for some of them"
What about thier lovely big, paid by the tax payer, pensions??

  Forum Editor 19:36 18 Jun 09

No, not really. I'm far more interested in what he did for his constituents.

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