scales 21:24 08 Jan 11

Anyone know if there is a name for walnut paste?
Marzipan is a paste made from almonds, parzipan is a paste made from apricot or peach kernels, and both can be used on cakes to go under icing. This year we had walnut paste on our Christmas cake but no one knows if there is a proper name for it. I have tried searching the internet but no joy on a name. Walzipan came up blank so... ...anyone know what I should call it?
By the way it is delicious!

  wee eddie 21:47 08 Jan 11

made with a paste of walnuts and fondant sugar.

What is it you want to make with it?

  gengiscant 22:24 08 Jan 11

I can remember from my childhood days,long memory,marzipan,the most disgusting foodstuff ever,apart from the stuff they make mince pies and Christmas puddings from.
You have bought back some very unpleasant memories.
Whats it called? Devils doo doo's, sorry my stomach is turning.

  spuds 22:32 08 Jan 11

Apparently walnut paste is called walnut paste, and you can get it from click here at £23.05 per kilogram.

  Forum Editor 23:04 08 Jan 11

who actually like marzipan?

  lotvic 23:36 08 Jan 11

Darn it :( I thought this thread was about a new type of Diazepam

  wee eddie 23:56 08 Jan 11

but not the cheap, yellow dyed, stuff.

  lotvic 00:25 09 Jan 11

Oh well if you must, for 300g of Walnut Paste you need
* 150 g walnut kernels
* 150 g icing sugar
* 1 egg white
put walnuts and icing sugar in food processor, and as soon as walnuts are reduced to a powder, add egg white a spoonful at a time, until paste starts to gather together.
Finish with your hand, gathering all the paste into a ball..... and I hope it tastes better than it looks click here

  DippyGirl 00:31 09 Jan 11

Only almonds .....and they are nuts!

  canarieslover 08:01 09 Jan 11

Yes there are people who actually like marzipan. I also like Marmite so there's probably some doubt about my taste buds.

  BT 08:15 09 Jan 11

..but I do like Marmite click here

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