Walk off the Earth.

  rdave13 31 Mar 12

Came across this new 'group'. Music again so here's the original off the dreaded you tube, Gotya

Nice melody and what life's about. Listen to these youngsters singing the same song, Walk off the Earth

Piece de resistance is their rendition of 'Little Boxes'.Little Boxes.

Hope you enjoy.

  rdave13 31 Mar 12

Someone Like You

These people are gifted.

  Kevscar1 31 Mar 12

thought you were talking about a space elevator

  Quickbeam 31 Mar 12

I thought it was going to be about a summer ramble organised by the Flat Earth Society.

  Aitchbee 31 Mar 12

The Police did a song about perambulating on our near neighbour in space.

  rdave13 31 Mar 12

It's a ramble but not the same kind Quickbeam:) Nice one Kevscar :)

AitchBEE, so they did.

  Quickbeam 31 Mar 12

Ramble On all the way to Mordor...

  Aitchbee 31 Mar 12

Thank You - Quickbeam :0)

  Forum Editor 31 Mar 12

"These people are gifted."

Clever, certainly, but gifted?

I don't think they are any more gifted than thousands of others in a musical sense. Their stuff is incredibly gimmicky.

  Aitchbee 31 Mar 12

Some people who have worries, become happier when they 'ground' their inner spirit to earth...no gimmicks.

  Aitchbee 31 Mar 12

I'm packing my bags for the Misty Mountains...


...over the hills...if FE allows.


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