Vista - A Tale of Woe?

  ezypcy 21:43 20 Aug 06

I have been informed that there is a Windows Vista
Beta 5472 Activation Patch/Crack already circulating on the net.

Is this an indication a repeat performance of the troubles that XP is currently embroiled in?
Can MS ever overcome it's spoilers and free-loaders?
Now, will it be worth paying the expected high retail price?

  €dstowe 21:52 20 Aug 06

It's not really surprising that modifications are being made to the currently issued versions of Vista. The whole idea of beta software is to try and iron out problems before the final, paid-for version is available.

  ezypcy 21:56 20 Aug 06

€dstowe, sorry but you don't seem to understand the issue here.This is a 'software crack'!

  €dstowe 22:03 20 Aug 06


Have you seen this crack? Do you know if the rumours are true?

What is the crack supposed to do? As far as I know, the current beta version of Vista doesn't require activation and will expire after a certain date. Even if the crack is meant to overcome this expiry, you can be very certain that MS will find some means of preventing the software from working.

  DieSse 22:11 20 Aug 06

*Is this an indication a repeat performance of the troubles that XP is currently embroiled in?*

Which particuler troubles are they? I imagine MS have enough gumption to learn from their experiences - they're not daft.

*Can MS ever overcome it's spoilers and free-loaders?*

I doubt if anybody will ever prevent all piracy of it's products - why are you worried about it - how would it affect you?

*Now, will it be worth paying the expected high retail price?*

IMHO, no, it won't be worth paying a high retail price for - others may disagree - you'll have to make your own judgement. I'm moving to Linux, and still use XP too - I can't see any reason I could possibly have for changing this, personally.

It doesn't involve me in paying anything out at all for an Operating System - which instrinsically actually does nothing - it's the applications that carry out the work I want to get through - not the OS.

  ezypcy 22:13 20 Aug 06

Yes I have seen it but I don't want to give out any links.
From what I see,it resets the activation at will.

  wolfie3000 22:15 20 Aug 06

I can confirm the crack exists,
Its terrible that people have to do this.

  ezypcy 22:17 20 Aug 06

DieSse, I seem to recognise your 'own' words.
Did you cut and paste it from a previous posting?
Very economical.

  Forum Editor 22:29 20 Aug 06

posed by something that cracks a public beta. It won't crack the activation on the final release version, and even if it does, Microsoft will be able to tell - if they wanted to they could disable such installations.

It's a great shame that certain people have got nothing better to do with their lives but go looking for ways to steal someone else's work in this way.

  DieSse 23:53 20 Aug 06

*DieSse, I seem to recognise your 'own' words.*

Yes they are my own words

*Did you cut and paste it from a previous posting?*

No - but you wouldn't be surprised if I reiterated what I think, would you?

  dth 13:03 21 Aug 06

i suspect that MS will be delighted that Vista hacks are doing the rounds - as it will give them a good opportunity to study the methodology being used and amble time to lock-down the problem areas.

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