Viruses harnessed for good.

  LastChip 14:14 09 Apr 06

Viruses have been "trained" to produce minute batteries as small as a grain of rice.

How "cool" is that? click here

  hzhzhz 15:13 09 Apr 06

Perhaps the Bird Flu virus produces Battery Hens.

  SG Atlantis® 15:17 09 Apr 06

lol :-D

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:19 09 Apr 06

Will you be able to illuminate light-bulbs, like Uncle Fester?

  hzhzhz 15:22 09 Apr 06

Mr Mistoffelees

Yes but only when the wind is not blowing.

  SG Atlantis® 15:25 09 Apr 06

...and I'm told I look like him. :(

I can't light light-bulbs though!

  spuds 16:05 09 Apr 06

Doe's this mean that all laptop and computer batteries will eventually be replaced by viruses.Will anti-virus software detect these!.

Personally, I am still fascinated by nature in watching the activities of fireflies in humid jungle area's.

  LastChip 17:09 09 Apr 06

and was pleased to see some responses to what is cutting edge science......until I read them!

No harm in banter, but come on, is there no one out of the thousands of members that frequent PCA that find this not only fascinating, but mind blowing?

  Forum Editor 17:34 09 Apr 06

In fact I'm sure there's more than one, but I certainly find it fascinating.

One of the problems today is the rate at which technology advances. The result is that we tend to take astonishing developments on our stride - an amazing technique here, an astonishing device there, we're all a bit laid back about it.

Barely a lifetime ago there were no computers, no jet aircraft, no space exploration, no transplant surgery, or colour TV, or takeaway restaurants, or internet, or mobile phones.......the list goes on and on. Hardly a hundred years have passed (103 actually) since the first powered aircraft flew 120 feet, and now we all travel the world at the drop of a hat, closeted in considerable comfort, 8 miles up, in outside air temperatures of minus fifty degrees or thereabouts.

We have technological overload, and it's not surprising that news of batteries the size of a rice grain doesn't send everyone into paroxysms of amazement.

It is pretty exciting though - these things could work wonders in many ways.

  keith-236134 18:45 09 Apr 06

Wonder who will start shouting about the rights of viruses?

  SG Atlantis® 19:12 09 Apr 06

Not really blowing, but interesting.

What real applications will it have? Powering minute machines that haven't been invented yet?

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