Virus scan, how long does yours take?

  rickf 17:42 12 Sep 10

I am using McAfee, Vista Home Premium, 250 Hd and the usual files and pics, plus a few short music videos. A full scan takes 3hrs. On my XP machine, it takes just under 2hrs.much quicker and with a bigger Hd.
Just a point of interest and isthere anyway to make it faster apart from a quick scan.

  BT 17:56 12 Sep 10

I use McAfee and find this is about the usual time.

  Blackhat 18:05 12 Sep 10

I have just started a full scan with Panda 2010 ( 1st time, new PC) so will let you know when done. Windows 7, 500 HD.

It all depends on how many files & programs you have. My old XP would take about 30 minutes until I installed some new software and it then took another 30 minutes to go through all the new program files.

  john bunyan 18:05 12 Sep 10

I use Avira, and a scan on 2 partitions (w 7) totat 320Gig takes about 1 hr 20 mins. SAS and Malawarebytes take a bit less.

  lotvic 18:21 12 Sep 10

Mine takes ages....

  cycoze 18:23 12 Sep 10

Delete the temp files, Empty your Recycle bin etc before scanning, will help a little.

  Blackhat 18:24 12 Sep 10

click here
27 minutes, fastest I have ever done, like I said before, new comp, not all that much on it yet, 350357 files scaned, 2 cookies removed.

  wiz-king 19:08 12 Sep 10

A full scan on my PC, WinXP + a 1Tb external drive, with Nod32 takes a couple of hours.

  rickf 22:07 12 Sep 10

Cheers all. Its seems rather varied but I guess it does depend on the amount of files being scanned. Still XP seems to be faster perhaps because it has less appication software, if that is the word, ie the OS is less complicated than Vista.

  birdface 22:17 12 Sep 10

Get Windows 7 and it will probably cut your scan down to less than an hour.
A reformat of XP with nothing on it except the security programs that I enstalled and all of microsoft updates and it took 45 minutes and I think that was a quick scan.
New computer with Windows 7 and the same security programs and all of the updates 10 minutes.
I know what one I would choose.

  spuds 13:29 13 Sep 10

I tend to find that disabling various safety-safeguard- protection programs seems to speed up the scan process. I also do the scan off-line. The same for defragging.

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