Virgin's in space

  Quickbeam 10:42 08 Dec 09

click here
What else can one say...

  birdface 11:55 08 Dec 09

A new toy for him.
Wonder if it will be any better than his Baloons.

  Chegs ®™ 13:30 08 Dec 09

James May was taken into "space" on one of his TV shows.Bransons plane is offering a similar journey,and to me neither journeys offer a true journey into space.To experience weightlessness,just charter the airliner that goes into a dive(as seen on TV being used for weddings etc)

  numpty_uk 13:47 08 Dec 09

James May only went up to 70,000 feet in a USA U2 plane.
Branson plans to go higher and into space itself.
Thats if the "spaceship" ever gets off the ground!

  morddwyd 21:09 08 Dec 09

Excellent use of the apostrophe, Quickbeam! lol:-)

  wolfie3000 02:21 09 Dec 09

Virgin's in space, sounds like an awesome film i would watch.

  Condom 01:20 10 Dec 09

Is this a 2 mile high club?

  OTT_Buzzard 01:30 10 Dec 09

I can't see that this venture has a sustainable future beyond a few years, but is a necessary step in the path towards more realistic space travel.

  Forum Editor 07:01 10 Dec 09

and he's probably well aware of the cynicism it will attract from many people.

Richard Branson is used to that - there was cynicism when he announced he was going to run an airline, and then again when he entered the passenger rail business.

I applaud his initiative and drive - we could do with a few more like him in this country.

  morddwyd 08:17 10 Dec 09

I'll second that!

  Quickbeam 11:49 10 Dec 09

Is it high enough to take a picture of the Earth as a complete globe, does anyone know?

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