Virgin Van Drivers

  ronalddonald 15:09 07 Mar 10

dont want to give way drive recklessly and think they can push everyone around and can be pretty blatantly rude to other road users. Thats what ive noticed during the last 5 years. Why they choose to behave like that is beyond me.

  canarieslover 15:13 07 Mar 10

Don't get paranoid, its not just Virgin van drivers, its lots of other van drivers as well.

  ronalddonald 15:20 07 Mar 10

not being paranoid ive noticed mainly with me its virgin van drivers

  Brumas 15:22 07 Mar 10

Perhaps they are just frustrated and will calm down after they lose their cherry ;o}}
I'll get my coat on before the silver mouse or padlock appears!!

  Forum Editor 15:49 07 Mar 10

that Virgin van drivers are reckless. Some of them may be, but I'm sure many of them are safe, considerate drivers.

  spuds 15:53 07 Mar 10

Virgin van drivers- They are saints around my neck of the woods. Try arguing with a rather large HGV en-route to the motorway system :O))

  canarieslover 16:31 07 Mar 10

Brumas!!!!! Though I did notice that ronalddonald used a lower case 'v'.

  sunnystaines 16:46 07 Mar 10

never seen a virgin van are we talking richard bransons virgin company or the virgin isp.

  oresome 16:55 07 Mar 10

It used to be the case that the vans had an 0800 number on the back for following drivers to use to comment on the drivers road behavour.

Comments were logged and passed to the drivers supervisor. No action could reasonably be taken for one adverse comment, but a history of adverse comments suggested some 'driver training' was necessary.

  john bunyan 17:44 07 Mar 10

The , perhaps not fully deserved, reputation that "White Van Men" have, is I believe, due to the fact that some people who drive such vehicles find their power and size is better or bigger than their own car.A minority cannot resist the temptation to drive a bit aggressively. As oresome says I like the companies that have a logo on the back saying eg " How's my driving?" "Ring 08... If you want to comment"

  morddwyd 19:47 07 Mar 10

When I was taxiing I used to become "White Van Man" for some shifts, getting a large Ford cargo van from component manufacturers in Aylesbury to all the mainline stations in London and most of the freight agents round Heathrow.

I was reliably informed, on more than one occasion, by those driving colleagues who had the misfortune to cross my path on such occasions that I became a totally different person, to the extent that made Jekyll and Hyde look like a minor personality disorder!

Indeed, my wife and son swear to this day that when, on one occasion, he stepped off the pavement to give me a wave I actually swerved towards him and he had to leap for his life!

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