Views/Answers etc.

  Bingalau 07 Jun 11

I've just been comparing the amount of views to the amount of answers, in this particular forum. There must be an awful lot of browsers out there. Surely they have opinions? I wonder why they don't voice them.

Maybe it's me who just likes to put an oar in to everything in general. Too many times... (I bet Brumas and Macscouse can't resist that).

  Woolwell 07 Jun 11

I view many but only stick my oar in when something interests me or I know anything about (although some may question that!). However recently I have been avoiding joining any political threads as they get tiresome (from many posters not just one).

BTW wasn't it a paddle in your case not an oar?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Jun 11

How about those that post an answer and then keep popping back to view other relies.

I may answer once but view a lot more times to see what others think.

Also the fact that some may view but not be logged in or registered so they cannot answer until they do.

  Bingalau 07 Jun 11

Woolwell. How did you know that? Anyway paddles are bigger and better at stirring things up.

  Woolwell 07 Jun 11


If I remember correctly there was a mention in a post of the Cockleshell Hero's film.

  Bingalau 07 Jun 11

Woolwell. Didn't use a paddle in that, just did some of the underwater scenes. An unrecognisable star.

  Brumas 07 Jun 11

Bingalau, “ An unrecognisable star”, having seen your mush I think they made a wise decision! ;o}}

  Autoschediastic 07 Jun 11

i think a lot of people view the threads online that are not members and they google a story etc and PCA comes up, quite a few wouldnt want to registrar to voice their opinions i think?

  Forum Editor 08 Jun 11

As has been suggested, lots of people view the threads without contributing - it's always been the case.

  wiz-king 08 Jun 11

I view most threads and those that interest me several times as they get added to. Some threads are technically way above my head and I struggle to understand them, others - football, soaps - I just avoid due to lack of interest.

  Strawballs 09 Jun 11

wiz-king I wish others were more like you and avoided the threads they have no interest in.


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