Video on the Move

  laurie53 08:57 12 Nov 07

A caption in the current issue of PCA says that "Video on the move is no longer a novelty, it's essential".

While my son might want me to look at a video of himself standing next to Kylie, I cannot, off the top of my head, think of any "essential" video content which I must have on the move.

What sort of content is "essential" to you (I do not count any sports content as "essential", nor election results!)?

  crosstrainer 09:35 12 Nov 07

On my laptop to be honest, I agree but this could be an age thing? I have an xda capable of displaying video, but never actually use the function.

  anchor 13:36 12 Nov 07

Essential?; essential for who?.

Certainly not for me,

  dagbladet 14:43 12 Nov 07

Could they mean that the ability of a device (phone/iplayer) to record and play video on the move is essential, or the device would be regarded as uncompetetive?

I don't know, just having a stab.

  youtruth 14:56 12 Nov 07

Ideal use would be when one is on the way to view a new house.

The estate agent could feed you blissful music and scenes of the new neighbours having their usual weekend 'come-along' street parties!

On a dangerous note, terrorists could use it to update their operatives, when on a mission.
But, GCH Q would appreciate this.

  Earthsea 15:36 12 Nov 07

I'm also a little flummoxed. Video on the move may be essential to some but I suspect for the vast majority it isn't. I doubt it's even a consideration for most, let alone essential. Also worth noting that people prefer to text each other rather than speak via a video link.

Perhaps it's talking about teenagers watching music videos?

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