Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom

  simonjary 16:20 31 Oct 08

This is the sort of headline we need to forget about the credit crunch!

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  smokingbeagle 16:25 31 Oct 08


  Quickbeam 16:31 31 Oct 08

There's already a bum joke thread running...

  Clapton is God 16:31 31 Oct 08

"But our staff deal with them in a discreet, professional and kind way."

Which is presumably why nurse Trudi Watson talked 'discreetly' to the Press.

  €dstowe 16:41 31 Oct 08

This sort of thing is so common, every medical student can offer similar stories - often with much more eye-watering objects being used. The excuses offered are frequently more amusing than hanging curtains in the nude as well.

Like Clapton is God, I question why the nurse could be bothered to relate such a story.

  carver 17:08 31 Oct 08

Could have been worse, he might have been preparing a pineapple surprise.

  Grey Goo 17:17 31 Oct 08

I've heard of a chip on the shoulder, now we have a Maris up the Arris.

  Mike D 17:24 31 Oct 08

Perhaps I've led a sheltered life, but why would one strip off to hang curtains? (particularly when there is a Kung Fu spud behind you!)

  Teaboy 17:31 31 Oct 08

Grey Goo

Droll, very droll!

  simonjary 17:34 31 Oct 08

Maybe he wanted his curtains well hung...

  Diemmess 17:38 31 Oct 08

My wife qualified as a radiographer long ago.
Her professional journal reported (complete with reproduced X-ray) a "foreign body in the rectum."
This was a 1 lb jamjar.

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