Vengeance is mine!!!

  canarieslover 13:23 19 Aug 10

One up for the bull on this occasion, but they didn't let him get away with it, more's the pity.
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  Legolas 13:29 19 Aug 10

I seen this on the morning news and a talking head in the studio in response to a suggestion that bull fighting should be banned said in it's defence that the bull would not even have been born if it had not been bred for bullfighting, I think this must be the most stupid defence of a blood sport I have heard.

  wee eddie 16:26 19 Aug 10

It is a very complex philosophical problem though as these Bulls are specially bred for the Ring and wouldn't exist if this were not so.

  sunnystaines 16:45 19 Aug 10

at least the bull can have a pop back at humans, in china they throw then in a cage of tigers to be ripped apart live for the audience.

  Jameslayer 16:49 19 Aug 10

On the link you posted they said it wanst a traditional bull fight and that people try top get to asclose to the bull as posisble withput being gored. Does this also meen they wouldnt normally kill the bull?

  morddwyd 19:56 19 Aug 10

"I think this must be the most stupid defence of a blood sport I have heard."

That may be, but a little closer to home, game birds such as partridge, grouse, pheasant etc would be absent from many areas where they are now common if it were not for estates raising them for the guns

  Legolas 20:18 19 Aug 10

I take your point but I still think raising any animal/bird solely to be killed for sport is grotesque. I am sure that the game birds mentioned if not raised to be shot for sport would certainly be less plentiful but I doubt if they would be missing altogether. I have never been able to get my head round what pleasure can be obtained from killing another living creature for sport.

  john bunyan 20:40 19 Aug 10

One can argue the merits or difficulties of shooting game, fishing etc, but bullfighting is of a different order of magnitude of cruelty in my view. I wish the EU would ban it.It is one thing to raise cattle for humane slaughter but to torment a bull and kill it sometimes messily , and to realise so many enjoy watching such a spectacle is very distubing.

  MAJ 20:47 19 Aug 10

As a sportsman, I used to do a lot of fishing and shooting, pheasant, duck, snipe, etc. One day my shooting mate bought a new shotgun, we decided to take a walk round the hedges of a field across from his house, he shot about half a dozen cartridges at nothing, just to get the feel of the gun. He then handed me the gun for a try and we walked on. A magpie (considered a pest round here) flew out of the hedge just ahead of me, instinct took over and I shot it. We walked over and picked it up to examine it, I don't know what happened but at that point it struck me how beautiful it looked, the colours, not just black and white but purples, maroons and greens on it's neck were spectacular.
I thought long and hard about it that night and realised that it wasn't the killing I enjoyed so much, rather it was the social side of the sport that I enjoyed, it was getting out of bed before dawn, it was tramping through the countryside, it was getting soaked through in the rain, it was falling into hedges and ditches, the killing was incidental. I think it's the same with all bloodsports, if only people involved would realise and admit to it. I haven't shot anything living in almost thirty years now, but I still enjoy clay pigeon shooting every now and again to keep in touch with all those shooting guys. I still fish quite a lot, but the fish are always returned unharmed.

I would have been less sympathetic had it been a traditional bullfight, but this one it would appear the bull is not normally harmed?

I too would like to see the EU ban bullfighting in its current form but I can't see that happening any time soon. It's too much of a tradition for the Spanish people for them to allow it to go.

  Ulysse 21:50 19 Aug 10

Please stop referring to bullfighting as sport.

I dislike bullfighting and would like to see it outlawed but, even though it does not make the practice any better, it is not and is not referred to by the Spanish as a sport.

It is considered to be a display of courage by the human participants and an art form which has its own section separate from the sports section in Spanish papers.

Whilst non-Spaniards go to see the spectacle and the colours etc. the Spanish go to watch the matador gradually draw the bull closer and closer to his body which is why they cheer each pass.

Even the kill with the sword is a display of skill and courage because the target area which the sword must hit is about the size of a 50p piece and if he misses ...............

It is very cruel and distasteful to us and a large proportion of the Spaniards but please use the correct term rather than assume that they consider it to be a sport like hunting and shooting.

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