"Vanity" Plates

  interzone55 20:09 14 Oct 09

We've probably had this discussion before, but a number plate I've just seen on my way home from work prompted me to post.

BA55TOD - with BASTARD printed underneath where the dealer name should be. Now apart from the illegal spacing, or lack of, and lack of dealer details, I really can't understand the mindset of someone who feels that should point out that their parents weren't married.

Another plate often seen on the sunny streets of Rochdale is P3 80OBS, another bit of illegal spacing from a "lady" who seems to want to point out her breasts...

  Jak_1 20:48 14 Oct 09

Even though they are illegal due to the spacing, I find some of them quite amusing. Personally I se no harm in people doing this though it would still work with the propper spacing. So long as they don't point to a gross swear word, just a mild expletive what's the problem!

  Colin 22:04 14 Oct 09

There is a car that was owned by Peugeot last year whose registration number is KN08HED. I wonder who has that car now and do they realise?

  Brumas 22:25 14 Oct 09

I think they look pathetic!

  Strawballs 22:34 14 Oct 09

The best one I've seen was a few yrs ago and it was on a Contach and was EGO 3

  Chaz10 22:56 14 Oct 09

Best one I saw was on a porsche on the M6 with the reg 4 KOF

  I am Spartacus 23:28 14 Oct 09

EGO 3 is alive and well on a bright yellow Porsche in Southend.

  Forum Editor 23:57 14 Oct 09

rather sad, but it's a free country, as they say.

The only plate that really did impress me was the one owned by Bob Danvers-Walker, the Radio and TV personality. He drove a Mini with the number plate: RAD10

  Input Overload 07:42 15 Oct 09

You are easily reconisable as you drive round town & wen you cut someone up it's not hard for that person to remember you. As with the boys & girls in blue. Personally I think these people need a good psychologist. But each to there own.

  morddwyd 08:00 15 Oct 09

I have actually seen PEN 15, which surprised me because I thought DVLA kept an eye on such things, but perhaps it met their guidelines.

  birdface 08:59 15 Oct 09

My number plate is, L13 RSM.
My First Granddaughter was born on Friday the 13th so it stands for Lucky 13 followed by my initials £250 from the DVLA and if anyone askes me for my license plate number I always remember it.I do not have a clue what my old license plate number was.
Unfortunately the old girl is sick and at the garage at the moment.Heart problems I think .Lets hope we get a good mechanic to make her better or she will be going to the old Scrapheap in the sky.

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