Van vehicles not keeping to their lane on bends

  finerty 09:17 22 Sep 11

how come is it that vans on moss lane never ever want to keep to their lane when they go around bends and corners.

I see these drivers drinking and eating in the morning around 9am, some of these vehicles are tradesmen, garden vehicles, many of them self employed yet they don't seem to care about the residents like myself who live on the round.

Just this morning my neighbor had to brake harshly because of a van not keeping to his lane.

  finerty 09:18 22 Sep 11

seems to happens a lot on Moss lane Pinner

  wiz-king 10:08 22 Sep 11

Not only there! You are not alone.

  csqwared 10:08 22 Sep 11

Seems to me this is a common problem amongst most drivers, so much so I have become extremely cautious when negotiating roundabouts as invariably a vehicle will 'wander'. Funnily enough articulated vehicles, who you'd expect to require more road, don't seem to do it. Professionalism??

  carver 10:19 22 Sep 11

It's not only van drivers who do it, it seems that no matter what speed some drivers take a bend they seem to think that the car will roll over if they turn the wheel to much.

  tullie 11:12 22 Sep 11

Will keep clear of Moss Lane,if i knew where it was.

  grey george 21:56 23 Sep 11

Round my way it seems every vehicle drives in the middle of road if not nearly on the wrong side. They will only get over if hold your nerve and force them to. (not to mention parking on bends,brows of hills,opposite a junction and exiting left while still signaling right. How about signaling left or right and then swerving in the opposite direction because turning a modern car is such hard work).The same happens with full beam lights unless you flash them they won't dip.

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