Using mobiles whilst driving...

  interzone55 21:51 08 Jul 08

The current legislation is still not working, drivers don't seem to care about a fixed penalty & 3 points.

The other morning I almost slammed into the back of a Mini swerving across a dual carriageway, as I passed I noticed the driver was texting.

Tonight I spotted a Bentley driver swinging a u-turn across the traffic lights with his phone clamped against his ear - surely the new Bentleys come with bluetooth?

Also tonight I witnessed a large wagon merge with a wall as he mounted the pavement trying to turn down a very narrow road, yes he was turning the huge truck wheel one handed with his phone to his ear.

I think the only answer is for the police to seize the offenders phone, then report it to the network so they can't claim on their insurance for a new phone. If people are forced to pay full price for a replacement phone it may make them think twice about being idiots in future...

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:57 08 Jul 08

A large proportion of drivers seem to believe they are exempt from traffic laws, not just this one.

  Covergirl 22:08 08 Jul 08

Just stand on any street corner in any town and watch how many drivers are on the phone. I'd quite like to have camcorder eyes and submit the footage to the police. Ooohhh ! It makes me so angry . . . . .

  al's left peg 22:55 08 Jul 08

They will have to introduce instant 12 month bans to get people to sit up and take notice. I do believe the police are starting to investigate peoples mobile record after an accident, that's a good thing.
I am not excusing people of older or less valued cars (they are all at fault) but I cannot believe people driving around in Bentley's or even brand new model Mondeos and such, cannot afford a hands free kit. I can't comprehend how people can risk killing people just so they can text on a mobile phone.

  Brumas 23:24 08 Jul 08

Maybe I am being simplistic but I advocate losing your licence for a twelve month if you are caught being so blooming stupid and irresponsible using a mobile phone whilst driving any vehicle. I don't think there would be many repeat offenders!

  peter99co 23:40 08 Jul 08

A woman driver using a phone came over a brow of a hill in the left turn lane and went straight on almost taking off the front of a car who had assumed she was turning left. She did not seem to notice how close she came to a real t-bone accident. I followed her and she then sat at the traffic lights chattering away. She drove off late from the lights because she did not seem to notice the lights had changed and the cars following where held on red.

  Forum Editor 23:42 08 Jul 08

For some time now it has been automatic procedure for police to check the mobile phone records of all drivers involved in Road traffic Accidents to see if they were using their phone at the time.

  georgemac © 08:38 09 Jul 08

I see people breaking this law all the time - a bluetooth earpiece costs nothing compared to an accident and is very easy to use.

  Sapins 09:00 09 Jul 08

Like everything else there are, or supposed to be, laws which some people completely disregard, even when caught, the punishment never seems to fit the crime. I don't see how these idiots can be persuaded to stop, they know 1. they are very unlikely to be caught and 2. the punishment, if metered out!will be derisory, politicians will not risk any lost votes as far as motorists are concerned, and they themselves are already performing u-turns without signaling!

  Quickbeam 09:11 09 Jul 08

is that it is getting more common to phone & drive. I get the impression people think 'now I'm in the car, who can I phone, there's nothing else to do'...

  Grey Goo 10:13 09 Jul 08

Unfortunately some of the worst offenders are drivers of Haulage and PSV vehicles. Saw our local Hospital Out Patient "bus" being driven full of elderly people with the driver chatting on his mobile weaving down the road. Friday evening seems to be a peak time as the nights entertainment is being arranged.

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