Usain Bolt

  Joe R 00:03 17 Aug 08

Sorry if someone has already posted this, but can anyone believe how nonchalantly someone can act, in the lead up to, during, and after, the fastest 100 metres sprint in history.

I think this man can take quite a sizeable chunk out of his latest time, as and when, he sees fit.

  crosstrainer 00:16 17 Aug 08

Indeed, if you can ease up whilst breaking your own world record then you are in a league of your own.

His physiology gives him the stride of an 8 foot human being! He is indeed in a class of his own.

If you take a look at the rest of the field in slow motion at the finish, it would have been a very close race :)

  Si_L 00:19 17 Aug 08

Setting a world record while celebrating 15 metres from the finish line takes something special. I expect to see him break his PB and the WR again and again.

  crosstrainer 00:32 17 Aug 08

Sprinters are very fragile creatures indeed.. One injury can take them out forever. It's life on the ragged edge. With the amount of oxygen required to serve those long legs, his level of cardio training is extreme to say the least.

In my younger day's I was a pretty good single sculler, and trained on a top end Concept machine between time in the boat. I came to the sport "Past my prime" in age terms, but the career of a highly tuned athlete is a short one.

Must get in a plug for Miss Addlington, who for me stands head and shoulders above many team GB members.

And shortly the marathon....In fact Now! More 12 hour TV sessions are on the cards!

  crosstrainer 00:38 17 Aug 08

To take 2 Jack Russells for a walk :) ?

  anskyber 08:04 17 Aug 08

Yes. it's such a pity that this so called "blue ribbon" event has been consistently marred over the years by endless drug scandals. When a superhuman performance does happen many remain sceptical about how it was achieved.

The questions asked about the arrangement for drug testing in Jamaica help fuel this scepticism.
Bolt is clearly a very gifted athelete.

  interzone55 10:07 17 Aug 08

Call me cynical, but athletes get an award from their sponsors each time they break a record, this is the reason that athletes only nibble away at the records, so they can break them many times in their career.

Yelena Isinbayeva more or less admitted this, take a look at the number of times she's broken the Pole Vault world record in the last couple of years
click here

  cluckinbell 22:01 18 Aug 08

What i find most amazing about table you link to is that the world record has gone from 4.05m to 5.05 since 1992!

A 25% increase, imagine if sprinters improved at that rate.

He must be curious to know what he could do if he actually ran the whole race.....i hope so anyway.

  Legolas 12:42 19 Aug 08

I don't think you are being cynical, my brother pointed this out to me last night and why not sprinting is a short career.

  tillybaby 15:31 20 Aug 08

This man is out of this world,

Just watched him a few minutes ago win yet another gold and boy was he worth watching.

  Joe R 22:03 20 Aug 08

Tongue in cheek comment, about drugs in athletics maybe, but, does this man not look like he's had, at least a couple, of spliffs before he runs?

He is that laid back, he's horizontal.

I just hope and pray that this man, could be the one that brings athletics, back into a prominent position in world sport again.

But, I have a tiny premonition.?

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