U.S.A. state suspends death by lethal injection;

  p;3 23:35 15 Dec 06

botched excecution by lethal injection , due apparently to the needles not in the correct position

now excecutions suspended


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  Totally-braindead 00:05 16 Dec 06

Shame they suspended it.

  ed-0 00:21 16 Dec 06

So are you for or against this suspension?

Do you think that they have suffered enough trauma and should be released with a full pardon and a few hundred million dollars as compo.

Then they can go and kill your father, grandfather, son. Rape your mother, daughter, grandmother. get high on drink or drugs and mow a few down, for a laugh.

Or do you, as a health professional, show them which vein, is the correct one.

I know what I would choose.

  Kate B 00:55 16 Dec 06

Killing people is barbaric, whoever does it. I'm appalled at the tone of some of the posts here. I'm extremely glad executions have been suspended.

  p;3 01:58 16 Dec 06

hey, guys and galls, I was merely sharing this piece of news with the forum;

as to the wrong positioning of the needles in the blood vessels ;really beggars the question of how much even that part of the procedure hurt; I think the lethal injection method was devised to be a more "humane" way to carry out the death penalty ; looks as though some aspects of it have gone a bit awry

  VoG II 07:44 16 Dec 06

Not only is execution (by lethal injection or other methods) barbaric, it also seems to me to be not a deterrent considering the homicide rate in the USA. The only argument in its favour could be cost (of keeping prisoners in jail vs not) but that argument falls down when one considers the years that some prisoners spend on 'death row'.

Good on you, Jeb.

  Forum Editor 07:54 16 Dec 06

threads like this simply attract the kind of silly response posted by ed-0 and the one I've already deleted.

It's a shame that we can't discuss something of this nature without certain people acting like children.

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