UPVC door frame seal Gasket

  Ex plorer 01 Oct 12

Anyone know of a universal gasket for a UPVC door frame, I have trawled the internet to find one as I cannot find an exact replacement.

  Forum Editor 01 Oct 12

This is the place for door seals take a good look, you're almost certain to find what you want.

  Al94 01 Oct 12

Second that - got replacement seals for my doors there.

  caccy 01 Oct 12

Thired that (is that a correct expression?).Got my motorcaravan window seals from them when the old ones failed.

  Ex plorer 01 Oct 12

FE thanks for the link but its not there, The door is 28 years old and I have managed to find a universal lock and roller set for it, also a door gasket.

However the roller locks are not available or the frame seal/gasket as I have been in touch with the original supplier.

They said the lock wasn't available also, but I have found it by the same manufacture under a different code number for £70 inc pp. Trouble is I had two doors fitted at the same time and both could do with gaskets etc. as they are no longer air tight.

Maybe two new doors is the way to go.

  Forum Editor 01 Oct 12

Screwfix do a universal seal for UPVC doors and windows - it's called Stormguard and is very easy to fit.

As far as locks are concerned, the problem shouldn't be so difficult, you can get all kinds of locks for UPVC doors. Take a look at this

  Flak999 01 Oct 12

Forum Editor

That's a very useful link FE! I have been searching for a decent after market lock specialist for a while now.

  Ex plorer 03 Oct 12

Morning FE the links do show the door seal, and the lock/latch, I am looking for. The latch is cheaper than the one I found.

However its the door (frame seal) thats the problem, I may have to fit an outdoor seal of the ridged type that come in three sections, and find a different way to seal the bottom of the door.

Thanks for your time and links in helping me out.

  Forum Editor 03 Oct 12

one more avenue that might be worth exploring is this one

  Ex plorer 03 Oct 12

Thanks FE still not there, I have just been to the original supplier last time I contacted them was by phone.

Having a word face to face at the factory they said they were sorry but are unable to get the frame gasket, and that times and gaskets have changed.

My doors are out of the ten year guarantee, and fitting thats twenty years. Thanks again for all your help.

I will keep looking or try to come up with a new idea for a gasket.


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