Unwanted Adverts in forums

  J B 11:10 21 Oct 05

Just thought everybody should know, if you use firefox there is a little extension called adblock which will block all the unwanted adverts that we all see in the forums. Also there is a toolbar that can be downloaded from the extensions site within firefox that is called web developer, that will also help control them. Once installed you can hide the toolbar from view, or use it for your own purposes, very handy for controlling some aspects of firefox. J.B.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:45 21 Oct 05

Why not just click on a few of the adverts and help the forums cover their huge runing costs?


  J B 12:00 21 Oct 05

Because there is one particular advert that comes from the Finanical Times,and when it surfaces will not let me click on to log in, or go to one of the forums that I want to view. You have to let it run thru the whole thing or if you do try to click on then you are taken to the FT website. I for one read enough news papers to sink a battleship, so I do not need to have another publication to extol their virtues on a disinterested party thank you very much. Sorry if I sound a little ticked off but that is how I feel about unwanted adverts. J.B.

  J B 12:30 21 Oct 05

Further to my comments above, I have in the past and will continue to do is to click on to some of the adverts this great website has to offer, and before the question is asked, the answer is yes to contributing by way of subscription or other means to this forum if it should be required. I noticed that in another thread that the forum editor said that there should be a debate about this very subject, however I do not think the subject of contributing to this forum will be the most popular subject for discussion I reckon. I wonder what other folks would say about this. It could be very interesting to find out. J.B.

  Jackcoms 13:24 21 Oct 05

"You have to let it run thru the whole thing or if you do try to click on then you are taken to the FT website."

Why not just click on the word "Close" which forms a part of that advert??

  J B 13:40 21 Oct 05

Thats just it there is no close button on this particular advert.It will just open,then come down over the top part of the page, then when it is done it's thing, it will retreat to the top banner. Then I can click on to the log in button. That is what is so annoying. J.B.

  Jackcoms 14:46 21 Oct 05

I assume you are referring to the little drop down FT ad with the guy using a mobile 'phone?

"Thats just it there is no close button on this particular advert"

Then why have I been able to use the Close button on this particular ad over the last few days??

  J B 16:58 21 Oct 05

That is the one I am referring to. During the whole of the advert I have not seen the close button and believe me I have been looking for it. That is why I installed adblock in the first place. Since my last posting I have not seen the advert,so I have disabled adblock and the next time it comes up I will look very closely and if I find it, I will let you know. However the whole point of my original comment still stands, all that I was trying to say was that adblock was a nice little add on for those whom like myself get rather annoyed at unwanted adverts from time to time. I sure wasn't trying to start a war or or something of that nature, just pointing to the fact that it was there to be used,like so many other folks do on this or any other forum. Again I am sorry if I caused any ruffled feathers, that was not my intention I assure you. J.B.

  Forum Editor 17:59 21 Oct 05

and I'm sorry that you find our advertisers so irritating. We really do need the advertising revenue in order to keep the forum going - we are a freely accessible resource, and we reckon that most people undertand the need for any commercial organisation to at least try to cover its costs on a project like this site.

My Mercedes is a real gas guzzler, and then there's the cottage in Norfolk, the boat and the Paris flat to pay for. It's surprising how it all adds up.

  J B 18:29 21 Oct 05

Forum Editor; Suffolk is also a nice place to live if you didn't know it. All kidding aside I guess you accepted my apology and and if you have not thats ok too. I know it takes money to run the forum so I will say no more on the subject except to say once I get a bee in my bonnet which I must say is not very often I express an opinion. Today was one of those days. J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:38 21 Oct 05

you haven't done anything wrong, and we all know how, at times, it's good to get something off your chest.

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