Unusual Visits

  laurie53 08:00 20 Mar 07

Fourm member's post on the gambling thread that he had visited Las Vegas and never gambled started me thinking about how many people have visited iconic places without indulging in what those places are famous for.

There can't be many visitors who've never gambled in Vegas, for myself, I must be the only one who's done a full tour in the Falklands without seeing a penguin!

Anyone else?


  €dstowe 08:09 20 Mar 07

A friend born and brought up in Nigeria saw his first lion in Regent's Park Zoo.

  Bingalau 09:04 20 Mar 07

I live about five miles from Aitree racecourse (used to be two miles) and have never been to the Grand National. I have no inclination to go either.

  bennyhillslovechild 09:21 20 Mar 07

I was born and bred in rural North Norfolk, and have lived here 90% of my life. BUT I have never fathered a child with one of my own siblings, nor was I born with webbed fingers and an 'Uncle-Dad'. I do drag my knuckles sometimes though, and still refer to electricity as "new-fangled". :)

  anskyber 09:23 20 Mar 07

I was born in Penzance, Cornwall. I have never visited the Scilly Isles.

  wee eddie 09:24 20 Mar 07

But then, your neither a Barkley, Gurney nor Buxton! Are you!

  wee eddie 09:25 20 Mar 07

I was temporarily dazzled by my own wit

  Bingalau 09:26 20 Mar 07

wee eddie. What on earth is a Barkley, Gurney or Buxton? Are they family names?

  wee eddie 09:43 20 Mar 07

The Barclays, the Gurneys, and the Buxtons were said to own Norfolk.

It was also said that if you were not one of the above in name, then you are almost certainly related to them as they were quite "active" from the 15th Century onwards.

  bennyhillslovechild 09:51 20 Mar 07

Wee Eddie, I'm not one of those, no, and in this part of Norfolk we tend to have a lot of Cooks, Woodhouses and Westons - but my Godfather is a Buxton, and I'm related to a couple of Gurneys. Mind you, this being Norfolk, I'm related to pretty much EVERYBODY...genealogy here is impossible: family trees resemble the Gordian Knot!

  Kate B 10:21 20 Mar 07

I've been to Vegas twice and not gambled at all, not even a nickel in a slot machine.

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