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  jiggy1965 17:06 28 Jun 13

I keep getting those PC Advisor newsletters. From 'Matt Egan, editor, PC Advisor [email protected]'. Don't want those so I click on 'Update your preferences' like the newsletter says when I want to unsubscribe. I go to my newsletters preferences page. All checkboxes are already unchecked. Nevertheless I click on 'Update'. But I keep getting those newsletters. Did that update procedure a few times, but the newsletters won't stop. What do I have to do to get rid of those newsletters??

  Chronos the 2nd 17:18 28 Jun 13

Email Matt Egan. Scroll down to the bottom. Here.

  Merc83 20:10 15 Jul 13

Hi Jiggy,

I have found it impossible to unsubscribe from the newsletter.Have you managed to unsubscribe?

When you sign up they say "Our goal is to make the subscribe and unsubscribe process as smooth as possible, and as always, we welcome your feedback" which has not been my experience.

My feedback: PCAdvisor stop sending me emails I don't want.

  Woolwell 21:57 15 Jul 13

Thread on same subject in tech helproom. As Al94 states the My Preference route doesn't currently work.

  Fiona™© 11:57 12 Aug 13

I've created a rule in my email client to automatically send any email from Matt Egan and his colleagues to "Deleted Items". This is a way around the issue with PC Advisor not doing what they say they will do.

  Dddagg 19:44 19 Sep 13

Sound advice, mark as spam with google or your provider also if sufficient people do this it will eventually cause a response.

  simonjary 10:18 23 Sep 13


This should work via the Preference Centre. We'll check here, and if that doesn't work, as you suggest, we'll get it fixed.



  simonjary 18:24 23 Sep 13

The email should include Unsubscribe details and a link.


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