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Unsolicited email from Argos.

  pj123 15:24 21 Sep 05

Just received an email from Argos which starts off by saying:

"At Argos we never send out unsolicited emails. To make sure news of all our latest products, sales and offers reaches your inbox, please add argos@ argos-email.co.uk to your contacts or buddy list."

How did I get this one then? I have not registered or bought anything on line from Argos.

  Jackcoms 15:26 21 Sep 05

So unsubscribe, if you're unhappy.

There must be that option in their e-mail.

  €dstowe 15:46 21 Sep 05

Are you sure it is from Argos?

I would leave well alone and get it out of your machine.

  pj123 16:06 21 Sep 05

Why would I need to unsubscribe if I never subscribed in the first place. The point I am making is that Argos say they don't send unsolicited emails but this one obviously is.

Yes there is an "unsubscribe" link in the email but if as €dstowe says it isn't from Argos where does that link take me?

I just delete it anyway. There are 3 Argos shops where I live so if I want anything from them it isn't a problem to go to the shop and buy it.

  wee eddie 16:32 21 Sep 05

I am not sure if this reduces the risk of the Spammer getting notification that your Account is Live, but someone here inferred that this is so.

  oresome 19:28 21 Sep 05

"if I want anything from them it isn't a problem to go to the shop and buy it."

That's if it's in stock. Much more efficient to check first and have the item saved whilst you go to the store.

If you've never used Argos this way, can only assume they've purchased the address from a.n. other.

  Forum Editor 19:43 21 Sep 05

If it is, that's almost certainly how it got onto a database. I very much doubt that Argos would trawl the web looking for random addresses, but there are people who do it, and then sell the information on.

It's a guess, but it's a possibility - I am in no way suggesting that Argos have acted outside their published code of conduct regarding unsolicited mail, but if you've never provided your address it came from somewhere.

  Newuser38 20:41 21 Sep 05

You must be getting my mail. I signed up on line ages ago so as to be entered in a cash draw. I have had nothing since. Terry Duddy is still the CEO if you feel strongly why not forward the message to him at argos.co.uk with a suitable comment. Polite of course.

  spuds 23:45 21 Sep 05

Is the sender email address www. argosweb.net If so, you will find that it is a company that deal with unsolicted email.

  pj123 17:35 22 Sep 05

FE, no my email address (at least the one that this email came in on) is not on a website other than PC Advisor, but I am sure that is not what you mean.

spuds, I have deleted it so I don't know what the sender address was.

  Belatucadrus 11:58 24 Sep 05

Did you ever use Jungle.com ? Argos/GUS purchased them many years ago before pretty much scrapping them. Could be where they got the mail address from, if it was them.

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