Unlucky 13 for OJ

  peter99co 15:34 04 Oct 08

13 years since his last trial. Guilty this time.

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  bluto1 19:22 04 Oct 08

Wasn't there once something said about "the wheels of justice grinding exceeding slow" ?
Be interesting to see what his sentence will be.

  birdface 02:53 05 Oct 08

Could be a while yet he has already filed an appeal against the verdict.

  Quickbeam 07:58 06 Oct 08

Isn't there two 'get out of jail' cards in a monopoly set...?

  birdface 08:27 06 Oct 08

It's like everywhere else.Money talks.The more you have the more you can buy yourself out of trouble.

  peter99co 11:52 06 Oct 08

How much is it for a Judge these days? Supposing one is available to be bought.

  Belatucadrus 11:57 06 Oct 08

Some years ago there was a program on the trial that was surprisingly good, the first half was on the theme "Money talks" and how the hell did he get away with it, then at the half way point they started to look at it from the other view and looked at the evidence and from the point of view that maybe he didn't do it.
Unfortunately the police displayed both staggering incompetence and some of their attempts to fit him up were so blatant that the truth may never be known.
Whatever the truth it hasn't stopped him being an idiot and it looks as if this conviction has him dead to rights.

  spuds 11:58 06 Oct 08

At least there is one thing about American justice, and thats plea bargaining. Get out of jail for free! :O)

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