An unlikely but great musical combination

  john bunyan 19:29 23 Feb 15

I hope that this shows how some military bands are up to date!!

Ant ,Dec, Sheeran and RM Band

Those with a military background I hope will like it! JB (former RM)

  morddwyd 19:45 23 Feb 15

Sorry,HB, no objection to RM band in any mode, but I flatly refuse to voluntarily watch Ant & Dec!

  Forum Editor 21:16 23 Feb 15

"I flatly refuse to voluntarily watch Ant & Dec!"

I'm afraid I concur.

  wee eddie 22:21 23 Feb 15

I'm afraid that Eric and Ernie have them by a short head

  bumpkin 22:54 23 Feb 15

"I flatly refuse to voluntarily watch Ant & Dec!"

Me also, a pair of talentless boys.

Edited to remove offensive word - FE 25/02/15

  Brumas 23:04 23 Feb 15

Not surprisingly the anagram is Act End and that is where they should be, but only briefly, very briefly ;o}

  morddwyd 09:21 24 Feb 15

Whoops! Sorry JB, I had no intention of diverting your thread!

  john bunyan 09:38 24 Feb 15


No problem at all ; threads often get diverted! I actually agree with the Ant and Dec objectors - maybe the 2014 Beating Retreat on Horseguards to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the RM , together with the massed bands of the USMC and RNLMC is a better link !

2014 Horseguards RM

  Quickbeam 10:10 24 Feb 15

Well I just had to look after such negative opinion.


Not a patch on Eric's take Grieg's piano concerto with Andre Preview of 40 years ago...

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