Unholy Alliance

  laurie53 08:50 26 Mar 08

There is something indefinably unhealthy about Sottish Labour, and their Lib Dem lapdogs, and the Tories cosying up to do El Gordo's bidding.

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Perhaps I'm just an old cynic!

  anskyber 09:39 26 Mar 08

Healthy and useful.

To be honest if anyone really thinks the Government is about the theatrics and confrontation of things like Prime Ministers questions they have a biased and unrealistic view of the world.

An awful lot of Government is done behind the scenes with considerable cooperation between parties. It just does not make good press so we do not hear about it.

  laurie53 20:40 26 Mar 08

"Can you really believe that the SNP would ever say 'We've talked to the people, they don't want independence so we'll shut up'?"

Maybe not, but what they have said is that they will shut up for a generation. If, as the Chairman of the "independent" body says, 77% of Scots voters are against independence, I would have thought the unionists would have nothing to fear for at least twenty years.

As to where my prejudice lies, I am not a Scot and have no axe to grind, I can stand back and take an objective view.

anskyber - agree that what goes behind the scenes is necessary for government to function at all, but I'm a bit unnerved by all the public posturing and joint photo calls.

There are some things which should always be kept private, and Annabelle and Wendy laughing together like bosom buddies should not be for public consumption!

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