Under the weather....

  realist 13:46 05 Jul 07

Our local BBC (SE) weather page is showing no rain for 5 days!

Can this be true?

  Jackcoms 13:48 05 Jul 07

I'll let you know in 6 day's time.

  Cymro. 14:57 05 Jul 07

Well I suppose the SE does usually get the best of the weather, and so suffer more than most from drought.

  lisa02 15:45 05 Jul 07

LOL Jackcoms.

You're a right smarta... at times.

My other half's like that too, always quick with a comment. My 5yr old is picking it up now aswell. :(

I was telling her off for being destructive and said "Money doesn't grow on trees does it" to her, she immediately said "No silly - apples do!"

  realist 16:53 05 Jul 07

Beat you to it.
Raining here already!

  Jackcoms 16:53 05 Jul 07

Your daughter will go far! ;-)

  Jackcoms 16:55 05 Jul 07

I'm also in the South East (Sussex) and guess what?

It's just started p.....g down - again.

Haven't been able to mow the lawn for nigh on 3 weeks now.

Perhaps I'll buy a couple of goats.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:10 05 Jul 07

Global warming.....it has been chuffing throwing it down here for weeks and it is naffing freezing and the ownership of a boat can elevate ones' social standing. There is an old, white haired geezer in the village building a huuuge wooden boat and asking for 2 of every animal, that's how bad it is.


  crosstrainer 17:17 05 Jul 07

Has just gone to Kent overnight, and was going to put his two long haired (lassy type) collies in kennel accommadation. The dogs hate this, and pine badly, so muggins (who has looked after them before) offered to have them until he returns.

The heavens have opened again here in Cardiff, and I have just returned from a walk along the Taff trail which is opposite my house.

I forgot that a 30 kilo collie, takes approx. 1 hour to dry with towels and hairdryer.

Roll on summer!

  Guardianangel 19:28 05 Jul 07

I've been looking after my neighbour's dog - cross-bred Alsation - along with my own for 6 weeks and it has rained for practically all that time.

Two walks a day and all that towelling down.

If this is summer, roll on winter!

  User-1159794 19:49 05 Jul 07

Cracking day down the east coast of Scotland today.

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