Un-safety Cameras

  Quickbeam 09:14 06 Aug 10

click here This doesn't surprise me at all the way I've seen some react to them over the years, mainly from those that were well within the limit in the first place.

  QuizMan 09:20 06 Aug 10

"One in 100 motorists claims to have had an accident after braking suddenly or taking their eyes off the road to check their speed at a camera site.". People cannot blame that on the cameras; it is down to bad driving. On the whole cameras do their job. I am convinced, only from personal observation, that speeding is less common now than it was before they were introduced and that must be a good thing.

  johndrew 10:13 06 Aug 10

I`m not totally convinced by your argument. Those who are intent on speeding will not bother with the cameras or checking their speedometers. Those who wish to drive legally at or near the permitted limit may well be the very people who check their speedometer and have an accident for whatever reason - the driver in front braking because it was possible the limit was exceeded?

Speeding may have now reduced because some have lost their driving license and don`t drive; other will drive regardless of what legal documents they hold or perhaps can`t be traced because the vehicle isn`t UK registered. This latter group are quite large and un-licensed driving is quite common.

  morddwyd 10:15 06 Aug 10

And there are also all those motorists who've had accidents "after braking suddenly or taking their eyes off the road to check their speed at" the sight of a waiting police car.

Rather than getting the police back on the roads we should ban them altogether as they are obviously causing accidents.

  sunnystaines 11:14 06 Aug 10

if the margins were raised a bit higher they would be more acceptable, getting done for 34 in a 30 is not good perhaps raise the red line to 40 in a 30.

  babybell 11:19 06 Aug 10


Raising the 'red line' to 40 would see lots more people killed.

Its 30 for a reason.

  carver 09:44 08 Aug 10

Why are some people in this country so convinced that speed cameras are so marvelous, excessive speed causes only about 5% of accidents, about 10% are caused by pedestrians stepping out without looking.

I think a far better idea is to prosecute pedestrians who cause accidents by not using crossings.

  Forum Editor 09:47 08 Aug 10

babybell is right.

  karmgord 10:11 08 Aug 10

Steer clear of Oxford as they have turned off ALL their cameras,I predict there will be carnage on their roads..........................NOT!
Swindon............unsafe too.
The trouble with speed cameras are that they are too blunt an instrument,and the public are not convinced that they are purely there as a safety measure and not to generate revenue.
I am happy with average speed cameras although I do think they cause "bunching up" which in inself is unsafe.

  Kevscar1 10:38 08 Aug 10

If you are going to blame speed cameras for accidents rather than drivers perhaps we shold lookat other ways to reduce accidents. Only 10% of accidents are caused by drunken drivers. Perhaps we should ban all sober ones.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:05 08 Aug 10

I have absolutely no time for the people who whine about the money made from speeding fines as a result of camera evidence.

You, the driver, are in control of your car. You are responsible for how fast it is travelling.

If you are caught speeding, it is your fault for driving too fast, no-one elses.

Pay the fine, get over it, learn the lesson.

If you keep getting caught, well you really are stupid.

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