The Ultimate Closing Down Sale...

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

If you want a genuine piece of Olympic memorabilia, complete with a certificate of authentication check out the 2012 Memorabilia Auction

I now know why they wanted Bolt's yellow baton back!

  morddwyd 12 Aug 12

According to the BBC the Daily Star on Sunday says we have just had two of the most extraordinary weeks in our island history.

I know that they have been more successful than anyone could have dreamed, but come on!

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

There's a medalist's baton currently got a bid of £1,855 on it. Any guesses as to what the Jamaican teams world record winning baton will fetch?

Any advance on £100,000...?

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

That's why I checked it out. They got a rare bit of free advertising to the BBC's captive audience this morning!

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

Can I make bid for Bradley's matching frames?

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

Cycle frames?

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

That'll do...but must be gold.

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

We've still got dozens of big Olympic banners attached to lamp-posts surrounding Hampden Football Park on the southside of Glasgow...unfortunately they're just out of (my) reach.They would make great souvenirs ;o]

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

Looking at the marathon, there's going to be thousands of purple London 2012 barrier banners that'll make good beach wind breaks.

I reckon they should be in budget for me.

  morddwyd 12 Aug 12

"I think for most people the description would ring pretty true."

Maybe in their lifetime, but in our history?

Up there with the two weeks of the Norman invasion, or the two weeks surrounding the time when we executed our sovereign, or even the two weeks around the Armada?

Let's keep a sense of perspective amid all the euphoria.

In twenty years time most people will not be able to name one British gold medallist, but I'll bet they'll be able to name which two monarchs managed a Diamond Jubilee.

  Quickbeam 12 Aug 12

"...but I'll bet they'll be able to name which two monarchs managed a Diamond Jubilee."

I wouldn't put my money on that the way education gets dumbed down these days!


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