UK nuclear arsenal protected by a bike lock...

  interzone55 20:47 15 Nov 07

Up to 1998 the UK nuclear arsenal was armed using a coin & a bike lock key, and all the nukes used the same key.

Security on a budget, how British...

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  bluto1 20:57 15 Nov 07

I've got one of those bike locks and once when I mislaid the key nothing would open it. Believe me those nukes were safe.:-))

  interzone55 21:14 15 Nov 07

I've just had another thought...

How long is the blue touch paper on those things, you'd have to scarper pretty damn quick after turning the key...

  donki 21:29 15 Nov 07

Id have to agree with bluto1, Ive had a few run ins with bike locks that ive forgoten the combination too. Im sure the terrorist would take one look, scratch his head and give up :).

  Forum Editor 23:29 15 Nov 07

As far as I'm aware, there isn't a single recorded case of a British nuclear warhead falling into the wrong hands, or being armed by an unauthorised person. Think of the money we saved by not having a more complex and costly system.

We're not as daft as at first it might appear. It may have been easy to arm the warhead, but you would have to get at it in the first place, before you could arm it, and that wouldn't have been so easy.

  robgf 01:16 16 Nov 07

As well as the difficulty of accessing the nuclear bomb, there is also the problem of transporting it, they are very, very heavy and quite easy to detect at a distance.

  crosstrainer 06:30 16 Nov 07

Isn't something you can easily hide in your suitcase!

  laurie53 09:01 16 Nov 07

I'm still subject to OSA, but my experience, as a hands on techie not a flyer, is different.

  interzone55 09:21 16 Nov 07

Different in what way?

Different as in they weren't secured with a bike lock or different as in we lost a few?

How different the movies would have been if instead of figuring out the pass code James Bond just had to find the right key...

  Cymro. 11:28 16 Nov 07

Great posting.
Someone must make an Ealing comedy out of the story.

  laurie53 17:27 16 Nov 07

Different as in the security was better than was suggested in the film.

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