UK Incentives

  Si_l 15:35 07 Jun 07

I got a letter through the post claiming I have won a prize worth at least £250 for a £20 fee, from UK Incentives.

Its a scam right?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:41 07 Jun 07

You really need to ask?


  Si_l 15:46 07 Jun 07

Just checking. My friend won £750 cash on one of these type of letters, but it just seemed to good to be true.

  45 Mart 15:54 07 Jun 07

Think you've answered it yourself Si_l, If somat is too good to be true, then you can generally say that it is.

  Si_l 15:58 07 Jun 07

Yeah I suppose :( Just could have done with £750 quid!

  wee eddie 17:14 07 Jun 07

No: Si_l your chances are higher than mine

  missingit 18:32 07 Jun 07

Pah,250 quid!!!! I've just had an email telling me I've won 2 and a half million.
Let the good times roll.

  Kate B 18:48 07 Jun 07

missingit, I'm very fond of Bollinger :D

  Forum Editor 19:03 07 Jun 07

If you didn't enter your name for anything there's a fair chance that you haven't won anything.

Would you write to a total stranger offering £250 in exchange for £20?

  missingit 20:40 07 Jun 07

I didn't realize you were of a seafaring stock.
click here

  Si_l 23:25 07 Jun 07

missingit - He actually won the £750, got the money, the whole shebang!

Forum Editor - I didn't go onto any, competition and put my name down, but they are affiliates with the company I bought a laptop from recently.

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