UK government wants backdoor access

  stalion 20:06 21 Feb 06

to Microsoft vista,your thoughts

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:11 21 Feb 06

No problem, they can if they want on any of my machines. You would only need to worry if your surname was Bin Laden or you had a penchant for strapping explosives about oneself or you were considering rattling off 1000 DVD copies of the next Harry Potter for flogging at some god-forsaken outdoor market. Triple meh!


  SG Atlantis® 20:56 21 Feb 06

and no doubt it would be exploited by hackers or whatever the term is if the govt was given a bakdoor.

...but it won't happen anyway, and if it does it won't be publicly announced. Bit of paranoia setting in here ?-/

so who knows.

  Forum Editor 00:55 22 Feb 06

Years ago I decided that one of the keys to a long and happy life was not to spend time worrying about things that really don't matter.

If the UK government wants to sniff around inside my data files it is entirely welcome - but I know full well that the chances of me finding an MI5 agent lurking in my Windows folder are about the same as waking up and seeing Charlize Theron smiling at me from the next pillow.

Life goes on.

  igk 14:20 22 Feb 06

I dare say the "Bleeding heart Human rights" dogooders will have something to say about this!!!
Also the gov track record with new systems seems pretty poor so they will probably screw things up.

  TonyV 15:50 22 Feb 06

Absolutely right. Every system they meddle with/try to improve, it always ends up going pear shaped and costing Joe Public Time & Money to try and and work through the problems that have been born of these systems! If they got their nose in to an OS, then that would also go down the pan, because, experience shows, they would try to get the thing updated/improved and then mess it up!

If I have no means of affecting it, then why should I worry about it? One thing is for sure, it would certainly not keep me awake at night.


  Haol 16:12 22 Feb 06

Downright ridiculous, do we not live in a country of freedom?!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:15 22 Feb 06

You live in a country that tries to give you freedom from terrorism and crime and therein lies the difference.


  namtas 17:23 22 Feb 06

And I would bet that the Americans will have a key into it, only difference they wont advertise the fact.

  Haol 17:23 22 Feb 06

Why not just monitor computers of terrorist? Also do they just want backdoor access to Vista not XP, 98, Linux etc?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 22 Feb 06

XP, Linux etc are easy to search, Vista is a tad more difficult. they are unlikely to search anyone's computer unless they have good reason, so they will not give a pig's burp about your computer unless you are a bad 'un. The price of a pint is of more concern to me.


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