UK eurovision entry...

  Madscot_uk 11:05 19 Mar 07

click here

What do you think of it. Me personally, I want to know how they are allowed to get away with it!


  Al94 12:20 19 Mar 07

It's abysmal and will fail miserably but there again it's also irrelevant

  WhiteTruckMan 12:28 19 Mar 07

that the quality of a song or its presentation can have any effect on the outcome of eurovision. As has been pointed out in other places, why dont they save time, money and effort by not bothering with any of the songs and simply skip straight to the voting.


  Belatucadrus 12:33 19 Mar 07

I fail to understand why the BBC spend so much money to fund this tripe. The only ones who take it seriously are the eastern Europeans, let them pay for it.

  riiverstock 13:07 19 Mar 07

The video reminded me of the male air 'hostesses' that I have just flown with.Plucked eye brows and constanly raised eyes!Ahgrr.

  Stuartli 13:13 19 Mar 07

Does anyone really care?

  robgf 13:31 19 Mar 07

Is it just me, or does it look like a BA advert from twenty years ago.
IMOP it is better than last years entry, but that isn't much of a compliment.
I watched a couple of the entrants (during the adverts on the other side) and there was a french girl singing quite a nice song, it wouldn't have won Eurovision, but at least it wouldn't have made the country look stupid.

  Colin 13:49 19 Mar 07

It's an ideal Eurovision song that stands a good chance of winning. I can see it appealing to Europop fans. It's not about "proper" songs/music - otherwise that twaddle that won last year would have got nowhere.

  Sapins 13:52 19 Mar 07

There's enough people making the country look stupid already, cricket, football, the Olympics, Green politicians, etc; etc.

  Belatucadrus 16:19 19 Mar 07

I quite liked the "Twaddle" from last year, at least Lordi were fun.

  Forum Editor 17:00 19 Mar 07

was horrendous, which probably means we're in with a good chance.

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