UK can't afford the Falklands

  peter99co 00:54 16 Dec 10

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Well I never!

Is he right?

I think he could be.

  birdface 08:47 16 Dec 10

Can't afford them.
I think the question now is can we actually protect them any more.
The way the armed forces and their weapons of war are being reduced we will be lucky if we can protect ourselves.

  Quickbeam 08:48 16 Dec 10

The truth is that we thought that in '82 but the Argies were too impatient to wait a few years for a negotiated settlement. The retaking by task force was an armed response to the school bully by the very strict headmistress of the time. It became a matter of international prestige to retake them and of course it guaranteed a walkover election win for the bossy head mistress.

  michaelw 08:51 16 Dec 10

Haven't they just discovered potential oil fields in the area?

  tullie 08:53 16 Dec 10

We cant afford the millions we give to foreign aid,how about stopping that instead.

  jack O'lantern 08:54 16 Dec 10

The 1982 response to the 'Argies' actions was quite appropriate for the time.
But I felt then and more so now the administration/dependancy of island populations on the globe should be taken care of by the nearest democratic state- with due recognitions of the wishes and heritage of the incumbant population.

  jimv7 09:00 16 Dec 10

So I have been led to believe is that international law states only countries that have a coastline directly facing Antarctica have a claim there.

The Falklands is the UK's stepping stone to the mineral wealth of Antarctica.

  Quickbeam 09:06 16 Dec 10

If that's the rule, then Iceland will have a legitimate claim as well...

  Uboat 09:18 16 Dec 10

I believe that at this moment in all of our lives the Economy the financial world the Political system & just about everything that makes us who we are and where we live is changing & in most cases NOT for the best, the last 2 years have been so exhausting for everyone, The Falkland's maybe be something the mp's will look at as a money saver & decide to cut its defences & tbh it wouldn't surprise me one bit!

My local council (HULL) was given a £40 million cut last year which saw about a 1000 people lose their jobs, just in the last week the government have told my council to expect another £50 Million pound cut & there just isn't anyway a council can operate normally without its key staff and having cuts to this amount!

This will mean huge cuts in services huge amounts of more job losses & of cause the people that are lucky to be kept on will have their workload multiplied massively...
It will be worryingly interesting to see where we all are in another two years!

  Quickbeam 09:22 16 Dec 10

If you look at the map of The Falklands click here then clearly the judgement of Solomon could easily solve the problem.

  egapup 09:51 16 Dec 10

My son, who is in the RAF, just spent a cold, boring, four months down there. Of course we've to keep it, it's the gateway to the South Pole.

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