UK broadband users cheated on internet speeds

  simonjary 14:05 13 May 12

The Guardian is reporting that most of us are paying for a lot more broadband usage than we actually receive.

UK broadband users cheated on internet speeds Up to 60% shortfall on advertised broadband speeds

Anyone here get what they pay for?

  bremner 14:15 13 May 12

Certainly an issue but hardly a startling discovery by the Guardian.

Get 2.7 ish of my up to 8Mb BT broadband.

  Nontek 14:58 13 May 12

I am very satisfied with my BT Infinity, getting a pretty steady 36.6Mbps most of the time.

  bremner 15:13 13 May 12

Fourm member

You are quite correct in what you say.

I think the issue should be "is it right that two customers pay the same for their Up to 8Mb connection when one receives 8Mb and the other gets 0.5Mb"- as with my sister who lives on the edge of a county town.

  rdave13 15:34 13 May 12

Now getting 6.5 meg download speed from Plusnet (up to 8meg connection). They had to do a bit of work at the exchange so I'm happy with that.

  Flak999 16:07 13 May 12

I am with Zen Internet and I have a 21CN connection which is rated at up to 20mg. I get 19524 down and 1019 up. I do also live only 150meters from my exchange which does make a great difference.

  Bapou 17:21 13 May 12

With BT for up to 20mb and reality is 3mbits maximum. We are expecting vast improvement sometime this year, work now being carried out on our local exchange.

  carver 17:57 13 May 12

I do not get what I pay for with Sky, I was getting 10 meg download up to 6 months ago until they decided that my broadband may not be stable so they dropped it to 8 meg to make it in their words more stable.

When my current discount stops in a few months I may go with BT my neighbourer is getting nearly 30 meg download and he is only across the street from me

  Forum Editor 18:06 13 May 12

I'm currently getting 36.68 Mbps downstream and 8.02 Mbps upstream on my BT Infinity connection. That seems to be more or less the norm, it doesn't vary much.

I use the standard Infinity package at home, and that's advertised as being 'up to' 38Mbps, so I have no reason to be dissatisfied - it's certainly fast enough for my purposes.

  simonjary 18:20 13 May 12

FE, you're lucky. I can't get BT Infinity, and I live in central London. I might as well go move to a farm.

  Forum Editor 18:41 13 May 12


It's interesting, I regularly checked the availability on the BT Infinity site, and was constantly being told that the date for activating the service in my location had been moved back. This went on for a year, and eventually I rang BT to ask what the real situation was - why the constant postponements?

To my surprise, the person I spoke to said 'You can have it now if you like', and a week later I was upgraded. The engineer who came to install the modem told me he would have to go to the big green box at the end of the road to do the connection, and when he came back he said "you're the only one in the box to have Infinity."

Maybe you should make a call, just to check, before you buy your green wellies and black labrador?

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