UK Backtracks on Non-Doms

  oresome 19:11 12 Feb 08

The UK drops key elements of its plan to tax wealthy foreigners living in Britain in the face of fierce opposition according to press reports.

I'm fiercely opposed to the 20% tax rate. (Up from 10% this April for those on low incomes) Anyone care to join me...........we might get it overturned.

On the other hand, perhaps we don't have the same clout.

  anskyber 19:18 12 Feb 08

I could not agree with you more. (yes it is me saying I agree wwith you :-)) )

My wife has a very small pension, so small in fact she pays tax at the current 10% tax rate. I was amazed, to say the least, that a Government which espouses "socialist" principles has changed the tax regime to hit the less well off and reduce tax on the better off. In my wifes case her tax bill will double.

  realist 19:37 12 Feb 08

Those who can bend the ear of The Chancellor and/or the PM shall inherit the earth, or at least our bit of it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:58 12 Feb 08

Quelle surprise.


  Coffee Adict 20:09 12 Feb 08

When do you start, count me in. I'm in the same boat, having been made redundant I could only get part time work and my wage never takes me out of the 10% tax rate. I can't say what I think of Gordon for fear of being banned from these forums.
My political leanings have always been slightly left but I'm a bit wishy washy with politics really, but Gordon is doing his best to convert me to a true blue. (I can hear my father turning in his grave)

  bluesbrother 20:11 12 Feb 08

Its a fact of life.

The more you have the more you get.

If it bothers you, think before you vote next time round.

  lisa02 21:42 12 Feb 08

My other half only has a small contract now and this year's tax rise will be almost double for him.

But his boss on a high 5 figure salary will be paying less tax so all is well in the world.

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