UHT Milk

  anchor 11:51 16 Oct 07

I read that DEFRA, (Department for the Environment, Food and Regional Affairs), have proposed that 90% of fresh milk supplies should be switched to UHT. They claim the move would help curb carbon emissions by cutting down on waste, and by reducing the need for refrigeration.

They even go further, and have been considering promoting a switch away from meat and milk. Farm animals produce huge amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas blamed for global warming.

This is "green madness".

Perhaps all of us should avoid baked beans and roughage in our diet as these are known to cause flatus, (breaking wind), which contains a significant amount of Methane.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:11 16 Oct 07

95% of all milk sold in France is UHT and there is a little more to the article...click here


  Quickbeam 12:15 16 Oct 07

If that becomes the only way to buy milk, I'll have to start pouring a bottle of Grolsch over my cornflakes!

  octal 12:16 16 Oct 07

Do you have a link to where you read that please? I've looked on the DEFRA site and there's nothing.

  Stuartli 12:39 16 Oct 07

I'm with Quickbeam on this one - in fact Richard Littlejohn summed it up neatly in the Mail today by stating that UHT represents Utterly Horrible Taste...:-)



click here

and then

click here

We're being drip fed some information to find out the public's reaction (for obvious reasons).

  anchor 12:40 16 Oct 07


click here

click here

also Gandalfs link:

click here

I agree, that whilst UHT milk is useful sometimes, the flavour is certainly not to eveyones taste: (it is`nt to mine).

  Bingalau 12:42 16 Oct 07

Quickbeam. You have just given me an idea, but of course I am going for "Pussers" rum. *¬^(:->)

  anskyber 13:10 16 Oct 07

Fresh milk does taste better to me but not significantly so.

The reaction to looking at the issue is rather exaggerated and melodramatic since nobody is forcing anyone to make the switch. Brace yourselves, yes, even on the continent fresh milk is available. It is to be expected that The Mail and The Telegraph would respond in the way they have given their political leanings.

In the end it will be for individuals to make the choice, knowing the facts about the relative costs of production, distribution and storage. It's no big deal.

  spuds 13:27 16 Oct 07

UHT milk is another one of those tasteless products that experts seem to tell us we must use and have.

I do not know about other peoples taste, but I will suggest a challenge. Buy 'blue top' milk from all of the major superstores including Aldi and Lidl, taste them, then give your verdict.

  anchor 13:44 16 Oct 07

fourm member: Whilst I don`t live in France, I visit very often.

I strongly disagree that the French have abandoned freshly baked bread for the sort of processed bread we are accustomed to here in the UK.

Yes, its true that quite a few artisan bakeries have closed, but people are buying their baguettes from the supermarkets, which is cheaper. Sometimes it is even half the price. The quality from the supermarkets is on the whole excellent, being freshly prepared and baked throughout the day, on the premises.

The people still frequently buy bread fresh in the morning, and again later in the day to accompany their evening meal.

  youtruth 13:54 16 Oct 07

Even in France as well as here, supermarket bread may smell and look good but it is processed rubbish.

One can quickly get used to eating and enjoying this dough.

A proper baker has to start work at around 3am to4am to prepare and bake real fresh morning bread. Everyone knows that!

At home we make fresh bread everyday making eating fast processed bread thankfully impossible.

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