UFO's over London (Is this real)?

  Autoschediastic 27 Aug 11

Just been sent this & i am on the fence with it! surely we would of heard about it on the news?? Ive noticed one of the comments stating "was any of this relating to the red arrows accident?" i doubt it very much!

Intresting video though and almost 3.5 million views...

Video Here

  bremner 27 Aug 11

I am completely off the fence - it is clearly a video of clouds over London with fake UFO's added.

  buteman 27 Aug 11

From another angle.


Nothing to worry about they were probably here to get their lottery tickets.It was for £80 million and maybe they left it late.

But they probably did not realise that they had to be a Uk resident to claim it if they win.

  OTT_B 27 Aug 11

bremner, I agree

Nothing to see here...move it along.

  sunnystaines 27 Aug 11

saw these many years ago, were done by lasers at a nearby festival, some one playing around with a laser again.

  Mr Mistoffelees 27 Aug 11

The real answer is obvious, it's a new bread of genetically modified circular geese. I can't believe none of you knew that!

  john bunyan 27 Aug 11

Do geese make bread?

  Forum Editor 27 Aug 11

"surely we would of heard about it on the news??"

yes, if UFOs were really playing about in the same convenient patch of blue sky you would have heard about it on the news. You didn't because there were no UFOs - it was all a rather obvious hoax.

  zzzz999 28 Aug 11

see if the Mayan's are correct, I will be so angry :-(

  Crosstrainer2 28 Aug 11

I can do far better with FX in Final Cut Pro........Nice try! Not:))


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