Two screens- repetitive strain injury?

  Graham* 13 Jun 12

I have a Vista and an iMac now, the screens are side by side. Could this be the cause of my neck and shoulder pain? The doctor couldn't find an obvious cause.

I make changes to my websites on the Mac, then view them on Vista.

Anything known, please.

  spuds 13 Jun 12

I would imagine that if you are using two screens, that could result in the neck and shoulder problems. Are you sitting at the 'correct distance' from the screens. Are they side by side or spaced from each other, so that you have to keep moving your head and neck?.

  woody 13 Jun 12

I use three screens the smallest 26 inch.

You do need to have the screens set up in the correct position.

I do that by adjusting the height and angle with the screens own adjustment if possible and if not i use anything handy like catalogues covered in white paper.

  Graham* 13 Jun 12

There is a height difference of 50mm at the bottom of the screens (I thought exercise was good for you).

I'm going to look into displaying both computers on one screen - whether I will get the choice of which one is unknown, perhaps someone has done it before?

  wiz-king 13 Jun 12

I find it easier to use one of these and you get more desk space.

  woody 13 Jun 12

With different size screens i like the top of all screens to be the same height. Then if you use the same resolution it is simple to move your eye and/or programs from one screen to the other.

  Snec 13 Jun 12

The doctor won't find the problem, I know because I had it a few years ago..... terrible pains in the neck with some pain in the shoulders. Matters relating to the spine require specialist attention.

The doc referred me to a specialist and eventually I saw three of them at different times plus Xrays, scans, MRI etc before they found the cause. I would suggest, if it is really bad, you get yourself referred.

I still get these pains a bit now, sometimes, but not as bad and not as often. Generally exercises, shown to me by the physio, sort it out otherwise some pain killers. It won't ever go completely. Get yourself looked at.

  Aitchbee 13 Jun 12

I swivel my head as far as I can to the left...and hold for about ten seconds...then to the right, for ten seconds...use your hands ... sometimes you might hear a 'click'. You can give your neck muscles a work-out at any time.

  Graham* 13 Jun 12

Another factor to consider is Boris

  woody 14 Jun 12

If you tried hard you could put the screens even further away from each other.

  rdave13 14 Jun 12

Graham* , two choices. Give up PCs or the cats. If not feasible then throw the Mac in the bin.


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