Two the same- can it be?

  jack 10:51 14 Oct 07

A post from a member commenting on the complexities
of changing providers, cause be to E-mail a chum to say to him " Oi! wots the idea changing and not telling me"[As I am instrumental in his IT well being
I considered it politic to be informed if not consulted]
His response was "Not me jack" I am just as you set me up.
Which causes me to ask how is it possible to have two users using the same PCA Forum user name?

  Stuartli 11:41 14 Oct 07

I'm baffled...:-)

  jack 11:43 14 Oct 07

So am I - strangely- I was commenting on the one I saw yesterday- Just a few moments ago I have spotted several from the same and none of them from my chum!

  Forum Editor 11:58 14 Oct 07

is that - like me - he's baffled by what you're trying to say. What exactly do you mean?

  tullie 12:42 14 Oct 07

Double Dutch to me too.

  Devil Fish 12:44 14 Oct 07

i think he is infering that someone else is using his friends user name

  tullie 12:44 14 Oct 07

Even the second post has got m scratching head.

  octal 13:01 14 Oct 07

Are you saying there are two users with the name jack?

  Legolas 13:16 14 Oct 07

Please put us out of our misery and explain what you mean.

Had you posted this late on a Saturday night I would have understood its vagueness but not on a Sunday morning ;-)

  cycoze 13:26 14 Oct 07

I think what jack is trying to say is he saw a post from someone who has the same user name as his friend, but after checking with his friend it seems the friend did not post, so jack wants to know how can there be 2 members with the same user name.

Maybe they are slightly different.

  JanetO 13:36 14 Oct 07

You would have a good job as a translator ;o)

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