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Having just watched the one show,in which Paul Anka was interviewed.I can only describe the interview as cringeable.The presenter stumbled through it constantly referring to his a4 pad throughout,unprofessional and a poor reflection on the BBC.

Parky interviewed the same guy on saturday night and although a bit cheesy the difference was night and day.God knows what Paul Anka made of it.

The newbies could do with learning a thing or two from the old guy,and as for the one show presenter he needs to stick with Match of the day.

What with the massive influx of crappy reality Tv shows,inept presenters and so on,will standards ever pick up?

  spuds 20:46 16 Oct 07

"will standards ever pick up?"

If they get an increase in licence fee, then possibly!.

  realist 21:12 16 Oct 07

Those who haven't gone to Sky or Ch5 have gone to Al Jazeera (English)!

  Forum Editor 22:24 16 Oct 07

There's nothing wrong with airing your views,but referring to a TV reporter as "that little dipstick" is guaranteed to earn you a deletion every time. Comments like that are best kept for the school playground.

  Brumas 23:50 16 Oct 07

As far as I am concerned, there has only ever been one erudite television interviewer and that is David Frost. He set the standard to which others aspire.

  dagbladet 00:03 17 Oct 07

I've found the whole genre stale for years now. They either fawn all over the subjects or play it for laughs and hog the interview themselves.

  spuds 11:21 17 Oct 07

Remember that the interviewer (far to busy) may not have time to research their subject, hence the clipboard and a shed load of researchers on standby. Bit like a politician and spin doctors really ;o)

two billion pound cuts and 3000 jobs
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Looks like Mr presenter will have to work a bit harder.

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