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  SG Atlantis® 23:20 08 Jul 06

What was your favourites as a kid?

Mine where Airwolf, A Team, seaquestDSV, Knightrider and Thunder in Paradise.

They where great...

  WhiteTruckMan 23:38 08 Jul 06

when I was a kid. this was a B&W telly with a coinbox on the back. not that I ever got to watch it. It was just for show, and we always kept a shilling on the box, ready for when we had company. At which time my father would make a great show of turning the bloody thing off! just so we wouldnt appear ignorant to guests.


  QuizMan 23:49 08 Jul 06

Was (and still is) Dr Who. I am old enough to have seen the very first episode with William Hartnell as the Doctor and watched pretty well all subsequent episodes too. Patrick Troughton was the best Doctor and Sarah Jane was the best assistant.

  rdave13 23:55 08 Jul 06

Dr Who was a marvelous programme of it's time. To me W Hartnell was and will be the only true "Doctor" albeit in monochrome: wonderful imagination triggering prog.

  Starfox 01:04 09 Jul 06

As a kid - Robin Hood (the Richard Greene one)
Ivanhoe (Roger Moore) and William Tell. Didn't have a t.v until I was 10 years old simply because we did not have electricity,we had gas lighting. Never had trouble with power cuts though.:0)

  wolfie3000 01:54 09 Jul 06

Good thread SG

Mine were and still are,



Battle of the planets

Uleysess 31


Dogtanian and the three muskahounds

He man

Any of these bring back any memories lol.

  spuds 11:15 09 Jul 06

Muffin the Mule, Z Cars and I think it was called Quartermaine or Quartermaster, the horrific sci-fi thing! (now that's going back a bit).

  wolfie3000 11:16 09 Jul 06


  Totally-braindead 11:28 09 Jul 06

Anything sci-fi I suppose but I did also watch the A team and Airwolf and Knightrider when I was growing up. They haven't aged very well though look very dated now.

Bit like me perhaps.

  SG Atlantis® 11:30 09 Jul 06

some of yours brings back memories wolfie, esp He Man and Dogtanian... lol.

I am more sci-fi now than I was as a kid, namely Stargate, both series, though I don't like them two, Ben Browder and Claudia Black, from Farscape in SG1. But it's still a cracking show, I have the DVD sets for all previous 9 years of the show.

I don't think two main stars from one flop of a show should be allowed to jump into leads in a well established success (sg-1).

Can't wait they are already airing this week in the US, well get them in about 2/3 months.

Other shows I watched as a teen where Buffy and Angel, DS9, the next generation and Roswell the first series'.

  wolfie3000 11:31 09 Jul 06

To me airwolf looks as good as when i was a kid just as bluethunder does,

But i guess the fashion of the 80s does look rather dated.

And who can forget boy georges appearance in the A-Team lol.

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