TV Licence & the beeb

  sunny staines 18:44 22 Dec 06

Is it time the BBC is broken up and auctioned off to the private sector, for them to earn from advertising revenue rather than licensing.

public would save on licence fees
govt on the sale

  Colin 18:53 22 Dec 06

I think this topic has been raised before, but, seriously, I would rather pay a licence fee to avoid adverts and drivel-like television programmes. I know there are some pretty dire programmes on the BBC, but I wouldn't want the TV service in the UK to resemble American television.

  lisa02 18:53 22 Dec 06


  spikeychris 18:54 22 Dec 06

click here

Keep it.

  Forum Editor 19:05 22 Dec 06

would be a retrograde step if ever there was one.
It's one of the best TV and radio organisations in the world - if not THE best - and we should be grateful we have it.

I see output from lots of TV companies in sveral countries, and I assure you there's nothing that even comes close to being as good as the BBC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:27 22 Dec 06

Most commercial channels are rubbish, never mind the commercials.

I'm willing to pay the money to avoid them on at least two channels.

  jack 20:10 22 Dec 06

;-) ;-) Come end of Jan we two come of age
We wont have to pay any more
I have already made the application via the Web site;-)

  spikeychris 20:27 22 Dec 06


  interzone55 20:36 22 Dec 06

Here's a perfect example of why the BBC should stay as it is...

In 1998 Carlton & Granada set up ONdigital, the first terrestrial digital TV service, it was a critical and commercial flop and died an ignoble death in March 2002.

In October 2002 the BBC launched Freeview, which despite a shaky start (and some critisms over signal quality due to high compression on non-BBC channels) is now a resounding success.

The BBC also had a major part in the development of DAB, and are developing a new high compression, low loss codec for delivering broadcast quality TV over the internet.

If the BBC was privately owned, there is little chance that blue sky projects such as these would get much funding.

  De Marcus™ 20:40 22 Dec 06

Age related rebate ?

  De Marcus™ 20:40 22 Dec 06

Sorry that was directed toward jack.

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